From The Makers of Flow and Flower Comes ‘Journey’

For those who don’t know, Journey is the next installment from Thatgamecompany, the developers that brought you the unique and visually impactful Flow and Flower. The studio’s tradition of beautiful asthetic and uniquely simple gameplay continues in this title, and it hopes to prove itself as a similarly profound experience.

Journey makes its effort by embodying adventure at its core. Players take on the role of an enigmatic character that travels through large backdrops that contain various unique landmarks, and it’s up to the player to explore every bit of this expansive and intriguing setting. As players explore, they’ll come across mini-puzzles that will have them solving puzzles in order to progress or enhance their character.

The players sprite is an enigmatic, nameless woman, with her only form of communication are being squeaks and whistles.

The fine folks at VG247 have shared a fifteen minute demonstration of the Journey Beta.


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