Is NVIDIA 3D Vision for Everyone?

Back in March of this year, I posted an article about how my own personal opinions on 3D – specifically 3D gaming – drastically changed when I was introduced to 3D Vision.  nVidia has released a slew of interesting products since.  I recently received a shipment from nVidia with a few items: a 3D ready monitor (complete with 3D vision kit) and a new GPU (EVGA GTX 570).  I was very excited to dive into my game library to experience it all in 3D, but there was something that I was more curious about than anything else.

What would someone think that does not play games, nor has any real thoughts on the tech one way or another?  For this test, I used my wife as a guinea pig.  I quickly integrated the new components with my PC and brought up The Witcher 2, a game that looks phenomenal in 2D. It wasn’t a huge surprise that it looks just as good (if not even a little better) in 3D.  I called my wife into my office and asked her to put on the glasses. The first thing she said was, “Whoa.”  I knew this was a good sign.

She ran around a bit and took it all in.  My wife was very impressed, but I knew this wasn’t the game for her.  I fired up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and had her try that out.  When she was a teenager growing up in Korea, she used to play first person shooters in the PC rooms with her friends.  She insists up and down that she isn’t interested in games, but when she saw Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in 3D, she was sucked right in.  I initially expected her to look around, be impressed and be done. I was proven absolutely wrong; by the second hour, I knew she was a believer.

My wife is the first person to dismiss anything related to video games; however, with 3D vision, this was not the case.  My wife typically hates 3D in the movie theaters, as it gives her a headache and makes her eyes tired. Though, with 3D Vision, she spent around two and a half to three hours without any complaints.  So returning to the question I posed in this article’s title, “Is NVIDIA 3D vision for everyone?” – if my wife is any measure to this question, then the answer is a resounding yes.  With 3D vision, it doesn’t matter if you are a techie, gamer, or just a checking it out because your husband made you. The end results will more than likely be the same — 3D Vision is outstanding technology that is impressive and fun for everyone.


* GPU (EVGA GeForce GTX 570), 3D Ready Monitor (ASUS) and NVIDIA 3D Vision kit provided courtesy of NVIDIA.

** Note, you need a monitor or display capable of 120Hz as opposed to the standard 60Hz most monitors are still sold at today.



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Ryan is the Founder of Vagary.TV - he currently works in a free lance capacity and as an advisor. He formerly hosted the Game Seers Podcast, was the first Editor-in-Chief and is generally, a badass.
  • Zkalra

    Surely you meant gtx 570 in the description as the 750 is a few years away.

  • You are right, I should have caught that!