Retro Gaming Trivia Contest

Now that we’ve upped our twitter follower base, we’re going to do some fun stuff – so if you haven’t followed yet, here is your chance.  Get on board!  Today we gave out a copy of Magicka on Steam to @plabrozzi. We’re still planning on giving away a 3DS once we reach 2750 followers – the only way to win is to follow, so get your friends to follow as well.  The sooner we hit the goal, the sooner we give it away.  For July we are going to do a Retro Gaming Trivia contest – we will post 1 question per day on our twitter feed The first correct answer will receive 3 points, and each subsequent correct answer on the same day will receive 1. At the end of the month we will give out prizes to the Top 3 scorers and also they will get their names added to a special page on the Vagary.TV site!  Watch your twitter feeds ladies and gentlemen and let the games begin!


Follow @VagaryTV and also follow me @RyanKenward for chances to win!  I may give out hints on my personal twitter when people get stuck!


Official Contest Rules:
1.) Follow @VagaryTV on twitter to get the daily trivia contest.
2.) E-mail correct responses to contest@Vagary.TV
3.) First correct answer receives 3 points, all subsequent answers receive 1.  We will accept 5 – 10 answers per day for points.
4.) Have lots of fun and learn some new gaming factoids!


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Ryan is the Founder of Vagary.TV - he currently works in a free lance capacity and as an advisor. He formerly hosted the Game Seers Podcast, was the first Editor-in-Chief and is generally, a badass.
  • That was me that won Magicka! Thanks for that! Hope I’m still in the running for the 3Ds though haha! Glad I found your site, been really enjoying it and your twitter feed.

  • Glad to see you found your way over, also glad you’re enjoying the twitter stuff 🙂 The 3DS certainly is still up for grabs, we’re about half way to our goal for followers!