E3 Preview: Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater

The Nintendo 3DS continued to show its impressive upcoming software at this years E3; amongst the list of greats was Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater.  As you may imagine, the 3D is a clever play on Metal Gear Solid 3.  This is indeed the same Metal Gear you played years back on the PS2, only now in full 3D along with some other bells and whistles.  A neat feature is the ability to create your own camouflage patterns by taking a picture of a texture with the cameras on your 3DS.  As you will see in the screen shots, the game does look beautiful and it felt very true to the series.  The only problem that we encountered, and the only problem you were probably concerned with were the controls.  Alas, the 3DS – despite being a multi-input system lacks a second analog stick that would have really made MGS3D miles better.  Players will need to use the X, B, A, Y buttons to control their aim.  Unfortunately, this does not feel at all intuitive as we’ve all grown beyond the days of single analog sticks.  It seems bold that Konami went with this control scheme, but knowing the devotion people have to the series and also knowing how beautiful the game looks; we highly doubt that this game will have a hard time flying off of the shelves.  In the few minutes I had my hands on the title, I didn’t really get too accustomed to the controls; but I did make improvements and it is fairly likely that I would have adapted within a few more minutes of play.  One last note to mention is MGS3D will utilize the gyroscopes built into the 3DS when attempting to navigate obstacles that require balance.  With all that said, regardless of the control flaws – we are looking forward to getting our hands on the full version of the game!

You can find Metal Gear Solid 3D on shelves this holiday season!


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