Diaries of a First Time E3-Goer: Day 3, Final

After what was a grueling second day, I had to ask myself if I really wanted to be there. I know that sounds terrible, but bear in mind that I was extremely tired! Staying up and writing, podcasting and going over my hopes and dreams made for a really exhausting experience. I actually woke-up thinking, “You  know, I could have just been sitting at my computer, taking a sip of coffee watching this. Instead, I am going to have to walk a mile for every game I want to see.”

Again, I understand that sounds bad, but there really is a convienence to sitting down at the computer and watching E3 preview videos one after another. At home, you don’t have to sit through PR rigamorole, the stress of making each and every appointment, and spending time on games that you really don’t care for. However, it’s with great delight that I can say the third day turned out to be miles better than the second, and it was all worth it in the end.

Here are a few of the last things I did:

Writing — The Internet at the hotel was absolute crap, so unfortunately, we had to spend some of our floor time in the media hospitality center doing some writing. Also, some of the good folks at home helped to take a bit of the load of the E3 Vagary tean, and it’s now recently become my duty to start editing. I did a bit of copy myself, but Ryan and Kyle did quite a  bit.

The Witcher 2 on Xbox — This presentation was awesome. I mean, I play the Witcher 2, so they really didn’t show me anything that I hadn’t already seen, but they were some totally awesome people. The game itself was amazing, and now they are shooting it off onto console. It’s not coming onto PS3, but it will make its way onto Xbox. With that in mind, they were very candid about answering some questions. They were honest as to why review copies weren’t orginally available, how they felt porting to the PS3 at this time was too difficult and more. It’s hard to explain if you weren’t there, but they were very passionate, honest people. Best yet, they gave us free beer and apples! I was the only one who ate an apple…

Majesco — We then had an appointment with Majesco games. I took on the Kinect titles, as the rest of the team didn’t have a Kinect. They were all pretty straight forward games, and to be honest, all slightly underwhelming games. One game was like a Kinect sports for motor skills, the other was a theatrical wrestling game — one that Hulk Hogan consulted on — and the other a game where you have to use your body to make shapes presented. Again, they were straight forward, and there wasn’t too much to ask about what the games are. However, the PR chick thought I was overly distant, because she asked me if I had been out drinking the night before, because I wasn’t asking any questions. I’m not sure what I should have been asking, but okay.

Final Fantasy Interview — Man oh man, what a way to end the day. I knew I’d be doing an interview, but it wasn’t until I had sat down in the private room that I had realized I’d be interviewing the producer and director! I know Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 as well as anyone, so I planned on making up the interview on the spot. Luckily, I do well enough at communicating and on the fly situations that the extra pressure didn’t effect me too much. This was the perfect last appointment. I urge anyone to check into that interview at the GameON website or here on the main page.

E3 wrapped up beautifully, and I got some great pictures to boot. In fact, I got a picture with Liz Lee. From there, Ryan and I walked over to grab a burger, and we had a pretty deep conversation about what we wanted from Vagary.TV and how we were going to get there. I see things in a totally new way, and I’ve learned a lot. I fully plan on better myself as a professional, better this website as a great source of indie gaming news and podcast,  and really bettering myself as a person. For now, I’ll take a bit of time to decompress, shoot some articles and podcasts out at my own pace and take a breather. I’m already thinking about next year!


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