Diaries Of A First Time E3-Goer: Day 2

Day 2 of E3 was very intense. I felt extremely successful the day before, and I wanted to one-up myself. I tried to see as much as I possible could, and that meant tons of walking and standing around with a backpack that was much too heavy.

For the second day, I went to grab my free breakfast (haven’t paid for a single meal, drink or booze!) and took off on foot to E3. While the rest of the Vagary.TV team went to see Sega, I took to getting some previews done. It may seem like the site doesn’t have a whole ton of content for the time we’ve been here, but our luck on the Internet has been sporadic.

However, the biggest factor for getting out comprehensive content is time. Getting from point A to B and taking it all in is massively over-whelming. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it, but it is work. Only three of us are here, but I have full faith that we’ll have content that is fresh, well-developed and plentiful for as busy and taxed as we are.

Anyhow, after throwing up some content, I hit up some appointments. Here is an example of a few of them:

Square Enix — Some of the guys checked out some Square products, but I was solely concerned with Final Fantasy XIII-2. I was impressed that they actually let me play it, as a lot of the AAA titles are merely demonstrations. In all honesty, I didn’t really think it was all that different from XIII. Though, unlike most of the people I talk to, I loved XIII. I certainly see its faults, but as I’ve said before, I can respect their innovations. The demo was about 10 minutes long, and I didn’t really get an opportunity to understand just how Square was going to make this game better in “every aspect”. With that in mind, I scheduled an interview to follow-up my already posted preview.

Rocksmith — In-between things, I saw that Rocksmith was doing some previewing inside a tour bus. I stood in line, and the line seemed to be moving very slowly. In the line with me was a programmer from InfinitiWard. It was strange standing next to someone of that caliber on pretty much an even keel, and I did get the opportunity to talk to him about his job. While I’m not all that much of  Call of Duty fan, it was still interesting to hear him talk about his job, the industry and even his thoughts on the game that we were about to see together. I also saw some guys from Disney Interactive who created animation software that was used to render animations for Disney Movies — that latest being Tangled. When I got in, I found that the game was pretty decent, but I didn’t have a lot of time to really make certain that it functioned as well as it claimed. It didn’t have too many tracks available, but I did get a sneak peak at the tracklisting that is currently embargoed. Again, stay tuned for that preview as well.

Bethesda — I took some time to learn a bit about some hardware and check into getting press kits from various companies. The team had an appointment with Bethesda to see a private showing of Skyrim, but I was late. Though, it still worked out. I got to see Prey 2 instead, a game that I hadn’t really put any thought into, and it really caught my attention. It’s like Star Wars Bounty Hunter meets Mass Effect’s Omega. I will be having a preview up soon enough, so it’s really something worth checking out.

505 Games — To take a load off the Vagary.TV crew, I took on taking a look at 505’s line-up to finish the day. To be honest, their games were a bit underwhelming as a whole, but that’s not to say there weren’t some gems. I started with a look at Backbreaker, previously released on the iPhone, and it can be best descibed as a series of tackling football mini-games that are reminscent of practice drills. I am sure it works well on iPhone, but as an XBL/PSN title, it may be a bit under-whelming. Perhaps if it was in an EA Madden game, it’d not feel so narrow. However, the guy demoing the game was quite kind, and it gets to the point where faking interest to an undectable degree feels necessary. After all, just because the product may not fully be realized, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t put their best efforts into the product. I did a preview on 505’s Top Gun: Hardlock, and it’s looking quite promising. Finding that many games don’t stand on their own for an entire preview, I’ve decided that at the end of E3, I’ll be posting a conglomerate of mini-previews here on Vagary.TV.

All in all, this day proved to be the most difficult. I really wanted to see as much as I possibly could, but it was absolutely exhausting. I was more than ready for bed. It was only on day two that it finally occurred to me that I was indeed working. As I’ve asserted time and time again, it’s a great opportunity that I fully appreciate, but more than that, it’s a learning opportunity that I know will mean a lot for my professional growth.


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