E3 Preview: Super Mario 3DS

Years after hanging up his pointy ears and striped tail – Mario takes “Flight” again with the Tanooki suit.  In a game that appears to be a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) and Mario 64 (N64) – Mario interacts with both a traditional side scrolling environment A La New Super Mario Bros Wii, combined with 3D environments like Mario 64/Galaxy.  The game manages to feel familiar and new at the same time taking full advantage of all the 3DS has to offer.  You come across different parts of levels that will require to think and play in 3D, like climbing up a winding series of blocks to advance to the next part of the level.  The dynamics of the game feel very “Mario” though the Tanooki suit will not work as you would have expected it to, and probably wanted it to.  With the Tanooki suit you will quickly discover it isn’t a matter of flying, it is more of a “Fluttering slowly towards the ground” – also, it appears that Mario is not able to turn into a statue.  In the end, the game has potential seeping out of it.  With no confirmed launch date as of yet, it is definitely something I personally will be following closely.


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Ryan is the Founder of Vagary.TV - he currently works in a free lance capacity and as an advisor. He formerly hosted the Game Seers Podcast, was the first Editor-in-Chief and is generally, a badass.