Review – StreetPass, Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS comes bundled with a lot of very exciting features; of course there is the ability to play games in 3D, but there are also lots of neat ways to connect you with new people. One such way is via StreetPass. StreetPass allows you to exchange Miis and information between other 3DS owners whilst your 3DS is in sleep mode, or even while you are playing another game. Unfortunately, if you live in a rural area you are not likely to reap the benefits of this fun feature or fully experience what it is all about. I was one of those people, prior to this years E3 I had 5 StreetPasses, 2 of which were with display consoles in a local store. Looking at my 3DS now, I see that my plaza has grown to 262 Miis in the span of 2 days.

Sorry for the smudges!

As I said before StreetPass allows you to swap Miis with the people you pass; but it also shares your birthday (month and day only) as well as some other quirky little questions and a personal greeting. Many use their greeting space to promote their websites, or twitter accounts. Once you collect these Miis you can use them in the two games that are part of StreetPass. There is a puzzle game, where you will receive pieces of various puzzles from the people you encounter. There is also a game called Find Me.  In Find Me, you battle your way through several ghosts and monsters to rescue your personal Mii.  The catch to this is that you battle with the Miis you have collected via StreetPass.  A further caveat is that they can only be used once per encounter. Going through Find Me and completing levels will reward you with hats for your Mii to wear. The game does get very difficult so it becomes critically important to StreetPass as many people as possible. An added feature is that every time you pass the same person their Mii goes up a level and does more damage. The games may be fairly simple, but what really makes it worthwhile is the collecting and networking aspect.

There are some major flaws that hopefully Nintendo will address. Your StreetPass can only hold 10 Miis in the queue; meaning once you pass 10 people, unless you accept them in you will not get any other Miis. The second major problem is that once you get those 10 Miis, you will probably see a notification saying there are more Miis that you have passed and to that all I can say is — “Its a trap!” If you do not use the Miis in the Puzzle Game and Find Me before accepting the new Miis, you will lose the ability to use them. I lost several Miis because of this. As long as you check your 3DS frequently it isn’t a huge issue, but in events like E3 – it isn’t very hard to walk past 20+ 3DS owners within the span of just a few short minutes.


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