Editorial: Electronic Arts Press Conference – E3 2011

Firing right out the gate, the EA Press Conference kicks off with a new Mass Effect 3 trailer showing the reaper invasion in full detail, and how they are just ripping the place up. This alone sets the tone for the conference since EA has the most interesting line up of games being showcased at E3. There is Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, their sports line up including Fifa and Madden, as well as a number of unannounced games making their debut. In the ME 3 gameplay demo Bioware showcases the scale of the encounters in which they want ME 3 to be known for. You start off assaulting a Reaper base only to find out that it houses a Reaper and you go from tactical insertion to full-blown retreat while you call in an ordinance drop from the fleet in space. A new release date is announced for 3/6/2012.

Next up in Need for Speed: The Run, which looks to play like any other Need for Speed game except this time they upgraded to the Frostbite 2 engine which is the same engine being used in Battlefield 3. Which does it mean for NFS, well it means gorgeous graphics and improved destruction. The one place where I see it really shining is in Foot chases which are scripted QTE(quick time events) the player goes through as he progresses through the game. I’m bit disappointed they seem pretty straightforward and focusing more on delivering a cinematic experience which is fine but I wish they did a little more with it.

Progressing forward we finally have a disappointment and my twitter buzzed all over after. I could see the fans of Star Wars hearts race and eyes bulge when the famous music started and Dr. Greg Zeschuk came out to talk about the very popular MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. He spoke about what to expect on the show floor and showed off the intro cinematic for the game and then…. nothing. No release date, no epic Blur Studio trailer, and s*** hit the fan on Twitter. People were expecting big things during the conference and the expectation was met [ed. note: or not met?] with a short brief chat and nothing more. Later on, their was some clarification. There is additional content to be consumed on the Origins website which I’ll get into that later, and also the official Blur Studio trailer being released on their official website. Even so, many people were still let down, though I expect a lot of information to be released later during the conference.

More trailers in bound on SSX, Fifa and Madden all showcasing their improvements to the franchise. SSX is going back to its roots with over the top tricks and epic stages and set pieces. Their motto: Trick it, Race it, Survive it. EA flexing its marketing muscle for Fifa and Madden with superstars and players doing interviews and appearances about the greatness of the titles. 38 studios virgin title Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning makes a showing with a trailer on gameplay and the various classes. This is an interesting title to watch as 38 studios was funded by renowned baseball player Curt Schilling, with famous writer R.A. Salvatore personally creating the world the game takes place in. There are really throwing around big names but the game still needs to prove itself. Every time I look at it, it feels like a C+ game but we’ll see. they still have plenty of time with it releasing sometime in 2012.

There were hints of Insomniac Games revealing their new IP at E3. Insomniac is known for their wonderful franchises Spyro the dragon and Ratchet and Clank series. Here they unveil Overstrike. A humorous over the top action game with a team called Overstrike 9 a band of misfits that are special but don’t quite fit in. Each with their own personality and skill sets. Something to keep an eye on at least given the reputation of I.G.

Last but not least: Dice’s Battlefield 3. Using the new Frostbite 2 engine they achieved amazing graphics and a new level of destruction, but there is more to the game than just that. A brief insight of multiplayer reveals high action, cinematic melee kills, destructible environments, and vehicles. Everything people love about online multiplayer in BF. They are also including a Bungie.Net/Call of Duty Elite service that is 100% free. The gameplay demo consisted of an elaborate tank battle. Looking stunning through out though I did notice a little bit of choppiness in some of the scenes. Everything seemed to mesh. The VO never got annoying or repetitive they also had something to say between the player or each other. The shooting of the cannon or the machine gun seemed solid. A solid demo and I enjoyed it. Though a few question remain. I want to see how the game will look on the X360 and the PS3. So far we only have seen footage from the PC version and it leaves me wondering if the game will look that gorgeous on the consoles. At any rate they are in it to win it, getting ahead of the competition with a release date of October 25, 2011.

Overall a pretty solid showing by EA and I expect another big year out of them. The games look good and they’re well on their way. Even so I was a bit disappointed with what they showed with SWTOR. Being a big budget game you’d think they would have given a little more time on stage to promote a bit more at least.

If I have to give the conference a grade I’d give it a A.


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