Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Most people are in agreement that Super Street Fighter IV is one of, if not the strongest titles for the 3DS right now.  This game is a perfect demonstration of what the 3DS is capable of, and how much fun the console is in general.

Super Street Fighter IV is pure eye candy on the 3DS.  The graphics look amazing and the 3D is executed beautifully.  This game should right away assuage any doubts people may have about the capabilities of the 3DS.  Moreover, the game is extremely fun and addicting.

The traditional arcade mode will match you up against opponents until you reach Seth, a weird alien sort of guy who absorbs everyone’s powers.  Arcade mode typically is pretty uneventful, but Capcom did a neat thing with this in allowing you to be challenged by players online or on your local network as you go.  If you let people challenge you from the internet, it is entirely possible you will never make it to the end of arcade mode though.  If there was any story to this game, I was completely oblivious to it – luckily, a story doesn’t really make or break a good arcade fighter.  As you progress you will earn titles and icons you can show off online; and also points that you can use to buy figurines for your StreetPass team.

The second major feature of the game is as previously mentioned, the online capabilities.  It is very easy to get online and go, whether you are playing against a buddy in your friend list or complete strangers online.  You will start out as a Class D fighter with each character and you will slowly climb up the ranks if you are any good.  Wins and losses will affect your points; this is cool because it actually is incentive to try your best.  Again, as in arcade mode you can earn points, titles and icons.

There are two modes of combat; there is the classic side view and then there is a 3D over the shoulder view.  (Both views are displayed in 3D)  The over the shoulder view is a little haphazard and hard to adjust to.  The controls are perfect, and an additional cool feature is the ability to map out moves and combos on the touch pad.  This makes the game more accessible to those new to the fighting genre.

The last thing worth pointing out is the the StreetPass functionality.  You are able to create a team made up of the figurines you unlock/purchase with the points you earned.  The combined levels of your team members cannot pass a fixed number, so there will definitely be strategy involved.  When you walk past someone with a 3DS and SFIV your StreetPass teams will do battle and you will see the results the next time you open your 3DS.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had any experience testing this at this time, but I will revisit this review at a later time once I experience this feature.

In the end, at $39.99 – Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is worth every penny.  Its a beautiful and highly addictive game that feels rewarding every time.

4 out of 5.


As an added bonus – here is a code for a special figurine!    DmdkeRvbxc


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