Interview With Portal 2’s Joshua Weier

To say that the original portal was a hit would be a massive understatement. Of course it was sold along with a number of other Valve games in the Orange Box Collection, but I would be willing to bet that most people would agree on Portal as being the most groundbreaking game in that collection. Take your standard first-person game and mix it with dark humor and stunning original game-play (without killing, at least living organisms anyway) and you end up with Portal.

So when I had the chance to get a live demo and an interview with Joshua Weier (one of the project leads) I lept at the chance. The demo they were showing showcased the intro of the game which tied in fantastic humorous chatter from one of the AI personalities (fantastically voiced by Stephen Merchant) you’ll meet in the game, with the basic premise setup. Eventually the roughly 15 minute demo showed a lot of the new game-play elements that will be implemented, including the much anticipated (and requested) co-op. I was initially afraid of the game getting a little too complex for my teeny brain, but I have to say, with a little practice and thought, I believe the new mechanics will slide right into place without breaking my frontal lobe. Thankfully, Valve took their time introducing new mechanics in the last game, so I would be confident in saying that they will do the same for this.

I will without a doubt be picking this game up, and I definitely encourage that you do the same.

Now for the interview portion, like I mentioned earlier, this is with Joshua Weier (with an h). After the demo we walked over to a quiet corner (relatively speaking) of the show floor and we talked over a few questions I had put together.


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