How Everything I thought I knew about 3D changed in an hour…

Today at PAX East, everything I knew (or thought I knew) about 3D gaming was completely blown away.

In the past, my experiences with 3D technology led me to believe that it was a novel concept and not a really something that could take off.  Today I was lucky enough to sit down with two fine gentlemen from NVIDIA who graciously showed me 3D Vision.  From the moment we began speaking, my attitude changed from somewhat pessimistic to very intrigued.  The first tidbit of information that perked up my ears was hearing how NVIDIA does business.  In the console gaming world, the hardware makers developer the hardware, create a basic software developer kit and give it to the software developers.  NVIDIA on the other hand, is much more hands on.  I was amazed to learn that NVIDIA actually embeds itself with software developers to ensure their products are comptable with 3D Vision.

After chatting about the company and some of their products, the final Coup De Grace was delivered to somewhat negative view of 3D technology.  I sat at a PC, complete with 3 monitors and 3D glasses.  At first I had prepared myself to have a headache like I usually do when I watch 3D Movies, however this fear was assuaged the instant I put the glasses on and looked at the screen.  Much to my amazement, I was witnessing a beautifully rendered game in outstanding 3D.  When trying to describe a visual technology, I find it extremely difficult.  The only thing I can say is if you were like me and you were resistant about 3D, especially in gaming you really need to sit down and try some of the latest products from NVIDIA.  You will be utterly blown away.  We at Vagary.TV hope that we can work with NVIDIA to bring everyone who visits our site up to speed with their technology and software.

As always,
-Ryan Kenward


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Ryan is the Founder of Vagary.TV - he currently works in a free lance capacity and as an advisor. He formerly hosted the Game Seers Podcast, was the first Editor-in-Chief and is generally, a badass.
  • MagnusR

    I always kinda liked 3D (I know, I know, I’m a sucker and a mindless consumer), so naturally, my instant reaction to this article was a wave of envy of you guys over at PAX East.
    Living in Europe, I damn ye!

  • We’re were going, we don’t need glasses!

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