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“Among the heaps of physics puzzlers and reaction-based platformers found on the App Store, there exists a somewhat limited, but ever growing, array of games that strive to do something greater than replicating the success of Angry Birds.
While I cannot fault the grandmas out there for wanting to fling avian creatures into bricks, this column is dedicated to hardcore gaming on the iPhone. It will feature reviews, news and editorials and shall hopefully enjoy a nice, long run. Intro out of the way, let us delve into this week’s topic!

Review scores are jokes. Sales figures mean nothing. And GOTY-awards? No one cares about such trifles. No, in space-year 2011, the only true way of determining a game’s success is by one simple question: Can one find a Gameloft-produced rip-off of it on the App Store?

For Grand Theft Auto, Zelda, and Call of Duty, as well as several other big-name games, the answer to the above question would be “yes”. The quality of these rip-offs may be hit-and miss, but undeniably, Gameloft is filling in some App Store gaps the license-holding corporations are reluctant to fill themselves. The kids want Halo on their iPhones, and Gameloft gives it to them, with or without the brand. It is good news then that, judging by a recent GDC announcement, Gameloft-developed rip-offs of the future might be a whole lot prettier:

Through a team up with Epic “Look at our tech” Games, Gameloft has licensed the bump-map-tacular Unreal Engine 3 for use in four upcoming titles. The engine has already been proven to run well on the iPhone in Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade, though the design of said game utilized its snazzy visuals poorly, allowing the player no free movement.


Infinity Blade brought the bump-mapped goodness of Unreal 3 to iDevices. Bump-mapped goodness aside, the game was mediocre.

With Gameloft in all likelihood releasing their Modern Warfare-clone series Modern Combat’s third installment this year, a very console-like iPhone FPS mightbe upon us.

Contemporary iPhones being as powerful as they are, it was about time Gameloft replaced their outdated engine, and what better replacement than the mobile-friendly Unreal 3?


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