Ten Tips to Remember: Gran Turismo 5

Before you pick up the controller to play Gran Turismo 5 this Winter, you might want to take a few of these pointers to heart. Knowing some of these things right from the start might be really handy instead of getting supremely frustrated later on.

#1. Always remember to choose your first car from the used section: The infamous Mazda Miata is the way to go early on, find a used one on the cheap and it will upgrade a long way and it can enter a number events early on. And don’t forget, the first thing you do with any car, even new ones, is change the oil. You will get a good size increase in horsepower for a mere 250 credits!

#2. If you are devoted and you are patient, be sure to go get your licenses first: You will gain lots of valuable experience and cars for free if you take your time and are persistant.

#3. Learn to tune your cars: There are many times where you will have fully upgraded your car but it still seems to lack the control you need to win at the track. Go to a practice track and start toying around, see what certain settings do to your lap times and your liking of the cars new personality. This will really help you extend usability.

#4. Work hard at the special events from the get go: Every time a new special event is open for you to try out, go do it immediately. This is where the majority of your money will come from for upgrading and buying new cars early and midway through the game. If you ignore them you might find yourself grinding for a few thousand at a time.

#5. Invest time in your B-Spec Driver(s): If you have chores to do, you’re at work or you’re asleep, your B-Spec driver should be making you cash! The more you invest in your drivers the more easily you’ll be able to make money and double up on prize cars throughout the game. They suck early on, but they get better quick. Don’t tell me you want to try racing an actually 24 race without one of these guys.

#6. Keep your B-Spec and A-Spec level close together: If you keep you’re a-Spec level slightly ahead of your B-Spec then you will always have the right car to participate in the B-Spec version. Although it might need some further tuning, more often than not you won’t need to buy a completely new car.

#7. Learn the courses: If you have the right car for the right race, and you still can’t win, learn the course. After years of playing the Nurburgring I know it like the back of my hand. It will drastically improve your lap times if you know exactly what brake marker to look for, or if you know what speed you should be carrying through a turn.

#8. Play with the analog stick if a wheel isn’t an option: Wheels make a big difference in how much finesse you can deliver in your races. But if one of those pricey options is out of the question, use the analog sticks. You will get great precision and control using them and will be able to drive cars with more of the assists off.

#9. Play with the assists off: This obviously ties in with the last tip, but you may wonder why. The more an on board computer is doing to help you drive, the less you will get out of your car. If you learn throttle control as opposed to just flooring it with the assists on, you will easily take a few seconds off your lap times. *note* The Force Skid Recovery option is not a real world assist, it may as well be the staples easy button.

#10. Make sure to take advantage of the Seasonal Events page: Released after one month of being out, version 1.05 includes a new Seasonal Events section. Here you will find some leaderboard events such as time trials and drift trials. However, you’ll also see new race events! And they really pay out, check them regularly and you will be a rich rich man in no time. It might take some money up front to get a car qualified, but the investment will be worth it.


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Author: William Milby View all posts by
I've been a game fanatic since childhood and all my adult life. And though I love my PS3 and have commonly wished to own a 360 (accepting donations) for the likes of Mass Effect and other such franchises, I'm still that little 8 year old Big N fanboy at heart. I'm also a co-host on the vagary hosted podcast The n00bketeers and other common interests include golf, motorcycles and lots of Gran Turismo!