Smallville – S10E8 (Ambushed)


This episode was definitely the weakest in this season, I was very disappointed.  That being said, I’m a huge Smallville fan; I own seasons 1-9 either on DVD or Bluray.  I’ve watched every episode to date and I have some valid gripes on this episode.

I’m not going to go down the, “wah it’s not like the comic book, wah” route; because the people who say that are morons.  Superman has so many story archs as it is, I just think of Smallville as it’s own arch and it doesn’t need to answer to anyone.

That being said, the whole “let’s make a subpar episode and people will eat it up if we start with Lois & Clark and end with Lois & Clark” – I’m not buying it.  I do like seeing their relationship grow, and Home Coming (S10E4) was by far one of the best episodes ever, but enough all ready with the cheesiness!

Granny Goodness
Aren’t you supposed to resolve things?!

Here’s what bothered me the most about this episode – there’s an evil old lady training a bunch of cryptonite powered babes that beat Clark and Tess’ ass yet Clark ends up just grabbing Tess and making a run for it.  What about those bad guys Clark?  Really?  Just going to leave them and act like it didn’t happen to get your Lois shot in the end.  Right, figured you might do that.  *Sigh*

Tess Mercer's Birth Certificate
Lutessa, possible sex change?

Or how about the strained attempt to make Tess out to be a half sister of Lex.  I forget if it was season 1 or 2, but we clearly know the missing child was a boy.  That was the whole, Clark is my son story because Lionel Luther and Pamela Jenkins shacked up.  I’d guarantee it was a boy if she thought that was though, she should able to identify a penis even if she only held the baby for like, 2 seconds.  So that is issue number one, with this story angle.  Issue number 2 – didn’t Lex and Tess like… uhhhh… do it?  That makes the Luke and Leia kiss like Donnie and Marie Osmand.  I’m pretty sure it has been insinuated more than once that Lex and Tess “got – it – on.”  So what gives?

There were a few enjoyable moments in the episode though.  It was nice to see Jor-El and Lara-El in their holographic message thing, good morale boost for Clark.  Though I disagree with the whole, Lois going to the fortress and just talking to the walls until “Jor-El” does something.  The fortress of solitude is not voice activated, it is crystal activated… that has always been a little pet peeve of mine.

Here’s hoping for a better episode next week.



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