Space Miner Blast

The first thing I saw on the screen when getting ready to download this game was the green price button in the corner on iTunes.  Normally when I see that button for game applications, I usually have to think for a while before clicking it.  I was able to put away all of that indecision; that price sticker said “Free”  so I just went ahead and clicked it without another thought. I was happy that it was free, but I was also very skeptical.  Free games are usually free for a reason (they usually suck), so I didn’t put my expectations very high.  This is why I was so impressed when I played the game for the first time.  It was actually a pretty damn good game.

Space Miner Blast put simply is a modern version of the old arcade game “Asteroids”.  What’s not simple about it is the graphics.  “Asteroids” could of kept a person occupied for a little while, but with Space Miner Blast a gamer could easily spend tons of time playing.  Gamers could waste away lunch breaks, boring meetings, or even entire evenings on this game.

The object of the game is similar to “Asteroids” in that you fly a ship around blowing up rocks.  The twist that make the game fun, is in the collections of ore/items from destroying those rocks.  The game keeps score by showing how much ore you’ve collected during each level. As the levels change, the amount of debris does to. Eventually you’ll find yourself blowing up bigger rocks as well as being pursued or shot at by other more dangerous enemies.  I also enjoyed the fact as each level gets more difficult, sometimes you’ll get the option to upgrade parts of your ship to keep the playing field even. You have to view tiny ad on the bottom of the screen while each level loads which is annoying, but if it keeps the game free I am all for it.  You’ll definitely want to take breaks after so many levels though.  After a while you’ll have so much going on that “blinking your eyes” will actually become a hindrance. The controls are touch based due to it being available for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.  You get basic turn, thrust, shoot, and bomb capability which allows for little to become complicated.  Once you get the hang of turning the ship and using the thrust to move around, everything else is easy and you’ll begin moving up levels in no time.

I really enjoyed how much this game had to offer even when it’s free.  When you play the basic free version, you only get one type of ship which in itself is enough.  Venan Entertainment thought ahead for this though and has allowed users to have the option to purchase other types of ships.  Also if you purchase anything in the game, the ads will disappear which is a nice feature. Also unlocked with any content purchase, you get to take advantage of the Retina Display for the iPhone 4. This is supposed to up the look of graphics even more. I don’t own an iPhone 4 though, so I can’t say this for sure. i wouldn’t pay for more stuff when it’s good without paying. But if your all about better graphics and individuality, it’s available to purchase at the beginning of the game.

I encourage you to take a chance at being entertained for free, and play Space Miners Blast. You can get a hold of this game from the iTunes store for “Free” for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.


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