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Sorry to come to you all a little late this week. I wrote two different articles and was beaten by Chris S. on both Saw 3D and The Walking Dead. After reading his… which were far superior… third time is the charm! =)

Anyone who watches Supernatural on the CW will understand the title of this week’s blog. I LOVE this show. I only just started watching it last year. I remember watching an episode or two of the first season way back in high school but I fell off the bandwagon pretty quickly. Then, after being convinced to watch it again, I came back with a vengance. I think I watched the first four seasons in a matter of a few weeks to be up to date by the time season five premiered. I could not get enough! Oh man did I pick the best time to get in on this awesomeness. Season 5 was by far the best season to date. All I have to do is think of that scene with Dean and Death at Pizzeria Due in Chicago and I get all giddy like a little schoolgirl! OMG I can here Jen Titus’ “O Death” in my head now.



Supernatural, season six, is more than a few episodes in and it deff picking up the pace. At first I was a little weary… it was such a slow start. Also, to be perfectly honest, after:

  • Tracking down your missing father, only to have him die shortly after
  • Learning that you are part demon and have physic abilities due to this
  • Dying, then being brought back because your brother sold his soul to a demon
  • Hunting down and killing the yellow-eyed demon, finally avenging your mothers murder
  • Attempting to kill the super demon Lilith, in order to save your soul from Hell
  • Going to Hell despite all efforts
  • Being rescued from Hell by a fallen Angel
  • Battling a demon blood addiction eventually leading to the release of Lucifer
  • Finding out you are the vessels for Michael and Lucifer to have their ultimate battle royale
  • Having an Arch Angel banish you to Heaven… and having to escape
  • Fighting the four horseman of the apocalypse, securing a way to lock Lucifer back in his cage, avoiding the destruction of all mankind and earth
  • Having no choice but to jump in a Hell pit after allowing Lucifer to possess you.
  • Overcoming countless baddies throughout the duration

What could you possibly do after all that to keep people enthralled? Apparently CW has the answer. The last few episodes have deff been impressive and now we’re getting glimpses of where this season is heading. Sam has been mysteriously rescued from Lucifer’s cage. We have also learned that the reason Sam has this new “I don’t give a shlitz” attitude is because he doesn’t… his soul was not rescued along with the rest of him from hell. That information along with the weapons being stolen from Heaven and all the Civil War going on up there deff gives some promise for a great season. They have a lot of different directions to go, leaving room for guesswork and multiple story lines. I would love to see Castiel in a more pivotal role, I love his character! The episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s”, was great too. It would be nice to see more of him.


I am a little worried… the show runner, Eric Kripke, stepped down after last season because he always meant the show to be five seasons. He is still working with the show on the writing aspect and gets producer creds, so he hasn’t disappeared completely. After season five CW execs thought that they could still get some bang for their buck, so they renewed for one more season. While its not quite official, all signs point to this being the last season. This is a bittersweet thought. Kind of like when the hottest person in the bar is on their way out… you hate to see them leave but LOVE to watch them go.I would love for the show to continue on like this forever but creativity is running low and you can only do so much. I don’t want it to overstay its welcome and lose quality.

So hopefully they keep going in this upward direction throughout the season and end on a high point. If this is the last season, let’s see it go out in style!

Until next time,my fellow media addicts, remember: Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to indulging!


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