Intriguingly Disappointed: Dexter’s Fifth Season

Hola, fellow junkies…

No, I don’t speak Spanish (fluently, anyways), but I come to you this week half loopy off cough syrup thanks to a killer cold I am fighting off so… please don’t give me a hard time for thinking I can speak an additional language here and there. Also, no need to thank me for the “no holds barred” attitude and additional entertainment!

Tonight I talk Dexter… and let me start with this contradictory little phrase: intriguingly disappointed.

I am a loyal Dexter follower, but thus far, I must say, the series is slipping. I continue to defend the show against naysayers who are already giving up this season because I believe in giving each show it’s fair chance to go through a downward slope and come out on top… after all, that is what being LOYAL is about (I learned this from being a Chicago sports fan, YAY!). When you consider that the Showrunner, Clyde Philips, left Dexter after the whopper that was season 4 of course its going to take a few episodes to get everything back in check. After all, new showrunner Chip Johannessen (previously responsible for genius works such as: Beverly Hills 90210, Millenium, Dark Angel, and 24) had some big shoes to fill with a bad guy like the awesomely creepy John Lithgow as Trinity and the cliffhanger of Rita dead in a bathtub. It’s going to take a lot to pull off a premiere that addresses all those issues and provides a whole seasons worth of story lines.

All that aside… The writers on Dexter seem to be forgetting that what made us all love him in the first place was the fact that he represented that little piece (some bigger than others) inside all of us that could relate to the guy who couldn’t relate. Yes, I realize that’s a lot to take but re-read and swish it around a little bit… it makes sense, I swear! They seem to be trying way too hard to make him more like a “regular person”, which he is obviously not!  I understand that all people, even serial killers, have similar emotional tendencies and it would be fine, if his character had been developed for this in the past. Unfortunately, for Dexter, this doesn’t feel like character development… it feels like he’s been made a victim of bad writing! Make up your minds… either his emotional involvement is stunted or it’s not.

After all that disappointment it’s time to move on to intrigued! In all the seasons of Dexter there has been one big bad on top of all the other bads that Dex has had to square off with. Season one was the Ice Truck Killer aka Big Bro. Season two brought us Doakes and the obsessive but seductive and steamy Lila. Season three also centered around two big bads Miguel Prado and The Skinner. No one could ever possibly forget the late great Trinity Killer portrayed by the brilliant John Lithgow in season four. This season we haven’t seen a glimpse of what could be the big bad yet. Dex hasn’t had anything to do with the decapitations and with Boyd already the first victim it would seem that ship has sailed. Perhaps Dexter has become (in the words of Lit) “My Own Worst Enemy”… he is making mistakes, ignoring Harry’s advice, bringing Harrison into the serial killer mix, and sort of on a run away train overall. Maybe he’s going to take a turn into a downward spiral with himself. I wouldn’t exactly love to see that happen but I prefer the show to go out with a bang than allow the writers to slowly sabotage one of my favorite characters of all time.

Seriously, they can’t honestly expect us to see Detective Quinn as intimidating as Doakes… first, they’ve already been there, done that; second, Quinn’s drunk, Irish, spray tanned, dirty cop, creeper vibe can’t honestly do better than Doakes’ black ops and overall intimidating aura. Now if that is the case Dexter has shifted into the comedy genre. Never mind that Deb is again hooking up with someone who is invested in taking Dex down… again been there, done that. Batista and Laguerta are getting old fast too… drama, drama, drama… who cares if your new wife has 200 G’s in a bank account (SCORE!)… get over it. And, shouldn’t you be happy if your new hubby defending your honor… I know I would.

My favorite line of the premiere: “I imagined her naked plenty of times… but not like this.”

Mazuka says this as he is CSI’ing Rita in the tub. Always count on Mazuka to deliver the perv humor at the worst times. Aside from Dex he is most def my favorite character. I never tire of his unapologetic jokes!

As Dex figures out where he is going to go from here I can only hope that the writers make up they’re minds quick. Not everyone has the patients to stick it out while they hash it out… and I would hate to see Dex be laid out on his own table! You can bet on seeing a follow up to this later on in the season when more develops!

Until next time,my fellow media addicts, remember: Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to indulging!


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  • I’m not disappointed at all. I agree that we all could care less about Laguerta and Batista though. They should have had her cheating in the recent episode to at least make it interesting. Other than that, Dexter’s changes seem to be in-character enough for me. The major catalyst that I point to is his son and the newfound reliance that they have for each other.

  • Heather M.

    Ugh,,, if they start that cheating crap I’ll really be mad. We have enough dramatic relationships on TV. No need to add another!

    I deff agree with you on the father/son aspect of the show. It will be interesting to see where they take that. Thanks for reading and commenting =)

  • Somebody had mentioned something about that leading to them breaking up, but both being so stubborn that they would not transfer so we have to deal with the animosity there. I never once believed them as a couple, so to see them separate would have been great. The direction they’re heading though, is something that means we’re going to be getting more of the same.

  • Michael

    Dexter is getting better as the season goes on!!!!