Media Fiend: Hello my name is Heather… and I am a media addict.

As a willing victim of technology, media plays a pretty BIG role in my life. I am an addict and I have no hope or desire to reform! I can’t really think of any point in the day when I don’t have at least one form invading my cerebral cortex. At work and in the car I have music on. During meals I’m watching TV (yes, every single one… isn’t that what meals are for?). At night I usually watch a movie while I do any computer work. Computer work is usually followed by a few hours of gaming (I usually have music on while I game). After all of that I usually catch up on my DVR. I generally turn on a movie to fall asleep to and leave the TV on overnight. That doesn’t even include Sundays when I gather with friends and family around a 65″ TV surrounded by four 42″ TV’s to watch five football games at once or my iPhone which is just a constant stream of media.  Wow! I’ve never really laid it out on digital paper like that before but that is a lot! It’s a wonder why I haven’t found myself writing a blog like this sooner… Better late than never!

Fall is here everyone… whether you are ready or not. This is indicative of a few different things, some good and some bad:

  • Summer is over **tear** and those of us in the Chicago land area are in for a long 5-6 months of hell.
  • Football season is in full swing (Go Bears!).
  • Leaves are turning brown and falling.
  • Halloween decorations and scary movies are everywhere (woohoo)
  • Fall lineup is up and running.

With hell swiftly approaching, activity choices greatly decrease… after all, who wants to go bar hopping in two feet of snow? Not me! So TV, movie, and gaming time increase by about tenfold. OK in my book!

I wish I could grovel at the feet of the person who invented the DVR… my life would be incomplete without this little slice of technological heaven. When I think of all the TV I watch and try to figure how much I actually watch live, I think 99% of everything I watch is pre recorded. My heart hurts at the thought of how much money I would lose if I had to schedule work around my shows. Yes, I had that sentence correct, work would be scheduled around TV… I’m hardcore. Anyways, this blog is going to mainly be dedicated to discussing TV shows past and present – in every aspect. I will dissect, analyze, criticize, praise, etc., etc.… you name it; I’m going to do it. Of course, I will be throwing in a few games here and there as well as movies. I’m looking forward to this journey and hope you can all help me by making comments about what you think and what you would like to hear about!

Here is a short list of what shows you can expect to see discussed in the coming months:

Boardwalk Empire
Super Natural
Big C
Teen Mom
Jersey Shore
Vampire Diaries
The Tudors
Battle Star Galactica
Point Pleasant
The Event
Family Guy
Aqua Teen
Venture Brothers
True Blood

Until next time,my fellow media addicts, remember: Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to indulging!


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  • Kristin

    Hooray! A fellow junkie and a female. This should be interesting. Lookin’ forward to whats next.

  • What kind of list has Dexter and then Jersey Shore? This will be interesting.

  • Heather M.

    There is artistic entertainment and not so artistic… jersey shore is most deff the latter. But you cannot stop watching once you start so I can’t say that its not entertaining =)

    Thanks again for following along Marcus!

  • I’m nearly a month late on this one but… welcome aboard.

  • Heather M.

    Why, thank you Chris! I will forever hold it against you that you waited a month to welcome me :-p haha