The Perfectly Sane Show Volume 2 Episode 3: Split Personality Disorder

In this week’s show the crew (minus Fozzy) take an uncharacteristically serious approach to the first segment while going over Metroid: Other M, Dead Rising: Case Zero, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Green Zone, and The Last Exorcism. In the second segment though the guys fall off the wagon and have a hard time playing it straight while going over the topic of the week, Games We Thought of and Want Made. Seriously, you try and keep a straight face while discussing Gran Turismo: Pokemon, MotorStorm: Kill the Kinectamals, Maximum Pain: Heavy Rain Edition, Left 4 Dead: Amish Edition and Tournament of Legends. Let us know what you think by shooting us an e-mail (address below) and follow us on Twitter for a chance to win a free game.

Music in this episode:

Strike of the Devil’s Axes OC ReMix by CarboHydroM & LuIzA
There Was a Hole Here by The Wingless
Cruise Control by Anthony Lofton, Joshua Morse

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Tony – iamnapoleon1066
Jeff – JustSomeDude899
Cyrus – FozzyTehGamer
Chris – kariyanine


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