The Perfectly Sane Show Volume 2 – Episode 1: Meesa Persian

Two shows in one week? Sure and welcome to our weekly deployment zone. Barring any issues we should have a new episode for you every Friday. This week, without everyone’s favorite non-royal Persian, we get into Mafia II, Lara Croft, NHL 11, Dexter, Scott Pilgrim as well as an assortment of news and (probably wrong) opinions including Bioshock: Infinite, the Star Wars trilogy on Blu Ray, Brett Favre, Warhammer 40K: Generic Title for a Game and Tony and Chris eat some crow based on their commentary that Mass Effect 2 would never come to the PS3 (damn you EA). So sit back, crank your speakers and enjoy.

Music in this episode:

Strike of the Devil’s Axes OC ReMix by CarboHydroM & LuIzA
Super Mario Bros. The Life and Death of the Mario Brothers OC ReMix by Another Soundscape
Mass Effect Nova Siberia OC ReMix by Big Giant Circles

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Tony Odett – iamnapoleon1066
Jeff Derrickson – JustSomeDude899
Cyrus Fayazi – FozzyTehGamer
Chris Scott – kariyanine

Don’t we sound a bit Finnish when we are talking about that company that shall not be named?


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