View From The Top Episode 16 – The Guild Leader Panel

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At Fan Faire 2010 Karen and I had the pleasure of sitting down with a panel of guild leaders. We used the time to discuss topics that are important to them and pose some questions. The room was a bit noisy but we really had a lot of fun and the recording came out quite well. As Fan Faire is a cross game convention we were also lucky enough to get a good mix of player types and games. Despite our differences we found that many of our problems were quite similar. It made for an extremely interesting show!


Karen (Riske from Revelry and Honor in EQ2) Co-host
Adam (Ferrel from Iniquity in EQ2) Co-host

Megera from Twilight Company in EQ2
Kariah from Twilight Company in EQ2
Palarran from Rest in Peace in EQ
Cyliena from Gone Postal in Free Realms
Vergai from the Galactic Cossacks in SWG
Kadath from Valiant Crusaders in EQ
Nauralea from Hate and Betrayal in EQ2
Drax from Revelry and Honor in EQ2
Calthine from EQ2 Zam

Discussion Topics
– Favorite Fan Faire moment
– Biggest challenge as a guild leader, how overcame it
– Brief state of the game from each guild leader
– One in game feature or tool that each guest would like to see in their game that would help with guild management

Karen and I would like to thank Kiara for arranging a booth for us! We would also like to thank everyone that attended the panel. It turned out really well and we hope you enjoyed yourself! Please don’t hesitate to follow up with us!


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