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Hi, and welcome to Vagary TV,

My name is Chris and I’m the podcast manager and administrative support for the site. Our goal is to keep Vagary growing and expanding, so that we can be a reliable source of quality entertainment. I wanted to take a minute and let you know about some of our plans to keep you stopping by here day after day.

First and foremost, we’re proud to announce that we’re increasing the amount of written content that appears here. We’re bringing in three brand new staff members to blog, review, and play-test the games that you’re interested in. We pride ourselves on producing quality content. In the past, we’ve achieved our goal by producing top-quality podcasts. We’ll be holding that same standard for our writers and breaking into new communities of gamers around the web. We’re not ready to introduce our new writers quite yet but stay tuned. We’re almost set!

Second, we’re actively working to develop our relationships with the development studios you care about. We want our readers and developer contacts to feel like they can come to us as a reliable source for things they’re interested in or would like to share. We’re in close contact with quite a few already, but this will always be a priority for us. You care, so we care. To that end, don’t be afraid to tell us want you want to read about. We’re here to support the gaming community.

Finally, we have plans for growing and interacting with our community. Right under our logo, you’ll see a new tab for our forums. They’re fresh and newly created. Each show has its own forum, too, so jump in and let our hosts know what you think. However, the forums are only a small step in what we aim to create. We at Vagary know how much a good community can bring a game/show/site to life. We’ll be planning game nights with your favorite hosts and more as time goes on.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Vagary is our baby. From the outset, it’s been a team effort. Ryan (our owner) has given us all the tools and freedoms we need to express ourselves and develop Vagary into the place we always wanted to spend time in. The site is young, but we’re on our way. Within, we have all manner of gamers. From retro to PC, from Nintendo to Xbox, we have you covered. Why don’t you stop in and explore our list of shows? There’s guaranteed to be something that fits you.

In short, thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for exciting times to come. And, as always, treat yourself to a good game. You deserve it.


Chris C.
Podcast Manager
Administrative Support
Host of The Multiverse – MMO Radio


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Chris is a lifelong gamer that brings his writing degree to bear at Vagary TV, Rift Watchers, and Game By Night. His current game of choice is RIFT, though he can often be seen plumbing the depths of Call of Duty, Darksiders, and virtually everything Rockstar.