n00bketeers Episode 28… I Believe…

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Finally back on our regular schedule… sigh… Between E3 and me (beez) going to Boston we’ve been finding it difficult to record on a regular schedule. But thankfully much of that craziness is behind us. Though who knows what will happen when Gran Turismo 5 launches…

As for the podcast itself, we don’t have Rich George on, which means the quality doesn’t suck (yes Rich, that is a low blow at you). In his stead we have esteemed Game Scoop Overlord MATT JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONESS!!! We spend a good chunk of the time going through a sizable amount of listener mail and current events in all of our lives. Please check it out, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter, and also remember to review us on iTunes and send us plenty “O” listener mail for the next episode @ n00bketeers@gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy!

William Milby and Brittney Brombacher.

Nope, not that Matt Jones…

Nope, not him either…

Nah, definitely not him, besides, that's Mike Jones…

That's more like it!

Intro – Jungle Level, from Contra.
Song 1 – Overworld, from New Super Mario Brothers Wii.
Song 2 – Metroid Sonata (Movement #2) by Mellowgear and Mustin (Metroid 2 OCRemix.org).
Song 3 – Town of Hicksville, from Gunsmoke.
Outro – Wanta Phanta by Analoq (Fantasy Star, OCRemix.org).


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