The Multiverse – Episode #21: “Overhauls for Cash”

Hot on the heels of Episode 20, we bring you the next installment: Overhauls for Cash! For those that are a little confused, this is our normal weekly episode, on time and featuring the news and topics arising from the last week.

Our topic for this show is MMO overhauls. We’ve all seen it happen. An MMO suddenly pulls up roots and changes itself to match the market trend. It started with SWG and it continues with Global Agenda. The question is, is it a good thing or a bad thing? We also spend a little time talking about MMOs that we think desperately need an overhaul and what we’d do with them.

And we have tangents, but you’re used to that by now ;-)

To the notes!

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What’s new this week?
What have we been playing?

Round Table:
– Blizzard not planning on taking WoW F2P*
– Progress being made on Torchlight MMO
– FFXIV coming out sept. 30th, march 30th
– WoW Cataclysm beta has begun!
– NBC planning a video game show for primetime

Main Topic

– MMO Overhauls – Payment models, NGE, LotRO going F2P.
– What MMOs would we overhaul and how?


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