Drums Challenge Charlie Morgan

I’ll be the first guy to admit, I’m very skeptical towards all mobile games.  Often times I am probably far too critical of them and even more too often I push them aside all together.  Drums Challenge however, seems to be one of the few exceptions.

This game is honestly a lot of fun.  For those who cannot really handle two separate beats at the same time, this game seems to have the potential to slowly teach that ability.  There are different genres of music to pick, I played rock and mo-town.

As this is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game, the controls are obviously based on touch.  First you will be given a beat, which you are shown how to play – then you will have to emulate it to progress.  Simple concept, yet a lot of fun.  It reminds me of the game Simon except way more hardcore and less annoying (though perhaps more frustrating for the rhythm impaired).  What I really like best about this game is the time involvement.  When I’m standing in line some where or just need to keep busy for a few minutes I can easily see myself turning to Drums Challenge to occupy the time.  You can jump right in and start drumming very quickly and each level plays out pretty quickly (especially if you suck as much as I do).

You can find this game in the iTunes store at $1.99 for the iPhone/iPod and $2.99 for the iPad.  Either option is well worth the money.   I strongly recommend Drums Challenge.


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