E3 Days 1 & 2

Hello Everyone!

   Sorry for the delay!  We’ve had one hell of a time getting our tech to work here in our low end hotels.  I am sorry we’re so far behind but I thought while I can I would post my blog on almost everything so far.  Please keep in mind that I will mostly just be sharing my notes and I will go into further detail later.  Overall, E3 has been a dream come true for all of us.  The first night we were all amazed by the Activision “Party” (Concert) – while the titles they showed were predictable and not very new or exciting, it was still a good time. It was nice to meet several IGN writers as well as Diggnation’s Alex Albrecht, several people at 5th Cell and Wayforward, the people at Game Focus (GameFocus.Ca), and so many others!  Aside from losing my car keys which was a night killer, the days have been a lot of fun so far.  I have a lot of video to upload soon and tons of pictures!  This also isn’t all of my notes!

Here are my notes on the Activision Party:

Activision Conference – More money spent on throwing parties than making new and original games.

Games Shown:
DJ Hero 2 – Meh
Rock Band: Heros of Metal – Very Meh
Other uneventfull Game
Call of Duty: Black Ops – Trailer was way cool because of the live orchestra and pyrotechnics

Kayne West w/Usher
Jane’s Addiction
Bohemian Rhapsody Cover – (Which ruled)
Eminem w/ Rhiaana

My first real event was the Nintendo Conference – here are my notes.

Nintendo Conference – Winners of E3 2010

Reggie owes me a Big Foot Pizza 🙁
Miyamoto’s Entrance = Awesome
Zelda – Bow and arrow not controlling right… shield is a little funny too.  Sword feels good and its cool to have to defeat enemies by swinging different ways.  The art style is nice, its a good balance between OoT/TP Link with WW Link
Mario Sports – Eh.. could be fun.
Wii Party – Lame
Wii Dance – Lame
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS) Holliday 2010 – Looked very good, likely to be a great DS title.
Golden Eye: Wii Holliday 2010 = Hoping to relive the glory days.
Disney: Epic Mickey – Nice art style, awesome for hardcore Disney fans or for families/young kids, story mode seems interesting and the graphics look pretty good for a wii title
Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Fall 2010 – Unsure about this, could potentially be a great Kirby title or it could be just another game that uses epic in the title/
Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Skies – July 11
Metroid: Other M – I liked the way it was presented in the trailer, did not get hands on with it though.
Donkey Kong – Holliday 2010 – Looked very polished and fun, certainly harkening back to the olden days of DK Country and perhaps even challenging them by doing it even better.
Nintendo 3DS – Wow, what a show stopper!  This system is going to change gaming as we know it.  For those who haven’t seen it in real life, you’re missing out.  Don’t judge it until you’ve seen it.  This has a LOT of potential.
Kid Icarus for the 3DS – Holy shiz!  Finally a Kid Icarus title, the trailer shown looked amazing.  Loved every minute of it.

Kept watching teleprompter to see “The only way we can really show it off so you can understand …. IS BY GIVING YOU ALL ONE” – sadly, this never happened.

Natsume –

Lufia – Looks like it could be a really great game for the DS, really liked the art style.
Harvest Moon – Always have been a fan of the new series, and this game looks like it will be good too – however, its nothing earth shattering as far of new things.  There’s a bazaar you can sell stuff at… Yeah.

Square/ENIX – Nothing but disappointment… What happened to these guys?  Where did the passion go for making great games?  I wasn’t impressed by anything I saw.  (I did not see a few titles to be fair, but I don’t have high hopes for them)

5th Cell
Super Scribblenauts – Looks awesome!  They have added in adverbs so now players can make very unique objects like – “red metal flaming dinosaur” as put by Nathan (the lead animator) – which is sounds cool to me. 

RAGE – Awesome so far, refreshing to see new IP with so much effort put into it.
Hunted – Like Gears of War meets gauntlet – was a lot of fun to play, the look and feel of the game was pretty good, camera was screwy a few times but the game isn’t scheduled for release yet so they have time to fix the minor issues.
Fall Out – New Vegas – Bound to be good.  Looks like Fallout 3 but in Vegas (Obviously)

Castlevania (XBox 360/PS3) – Game play looked sweet, awesome style.   Looking forward to it coming out.
Metal Gear (PSP) – Console seller?  Kojima strikes again with a very beautiful looking game.  The controls take some getting used to after being spoiled with dual analog but the buttons suffice.  Not a fan of the vertical sideways text menus… hopefully this changes (probably was because Japanese is written up and down, it was likely just quickly translated for E3 my best guess) – Multi-player is pretty cool too.

SOCOM4 (Played with the Move) – Liked the game a lot, looks like it will be awesome with dual analog control.  Sadly the move failed to impress me by being either over or under sensitive and not entirely accurate.  I have a lot of skepticism for this which I’ll discuss in the future – nothing I saw really sold me on it.



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