Ryan’s E3 Predictions

Only a few days until E3

Hello All –

In just a few days I’ll be taking the drive from Sacramento to Los Angeles for E3! Where Javi/Britt/Foz and Myself will be covering E3 this year for Vagary.TV! Honestly I’m a bit of an E3 N00b and haven’t had a lot of time to study up on what is expected to be there and what isn’t. So I thought I’d take as tab in the dark here at it.

Things I expect to see (or hope to see)
* A real life dinosaur.
* A UFO that may or may not be abducting poorly educated mid west farmers causing them to head down the path of binge drinking and chronic story tellin’.
* Andy Kaufman.
* A new Zelda game that looks like it wasn’t planned on a napkin at a local Denny’s.
* A new incarnation of the DS that isn’t only slightly bigger or with more cameras.
* An XBox game that I can pine over for the next year.
* Sony doing something original.
* Nintendo doing something to restore faith that its lost in hard core gamers in the past years.
* Reggie giving me a slice of a big foot pizza.
* Leonard Nimoy.
* Me not getting shot and or robbed near my unscrupulous hotel.

Things I am going to do.
* Record many videos of the events and the Vagary.TV crew – hopefully capturing a few interviews.
* Edit and post videos every night – this will be easy to do because I’m married and am 150% less fun than I used to be.
* Hand out -=20=- Vagary.TV shirts to random people.
* Give out my business card and pretend I’m a lot more important than what I actually am.
* Answer my wife’s calls at probably the most inconvenient times to prove I’m being a good boy.

Okay that’s all. Let me know how I did! Oh, and by the way please send your E3 questions/comments to us via e3-at-vagary.tv



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Ryan is the Founder of Vagary.TV - he currently works in a free lance capacity and as an advisor. He formerly hosted the Game Seers Podcast, was the first Editor-in-Chief and is generally, a badass.