PAX East 2013: Shoot Many Robots

For anyone who was at PAX East even as little as two years ago, it is becoming more and more apparent how the popularity of smart phones and tablets is shaping the gaming market. It has grown from something that was a small niche just those 24 months ago, to being at least 25-30% of the floor this year.

While some of these apps follow more of a pay-to-win model that forces you to spend a lot of money to really get anywhere, or has an abnormally high barrier of entry, there are other hidden gems out there that want to earn your respect, and access to your wallet. Shoot Many Robots is one of the latter.


The development team over at Demiurge Studios wants to make sure that they have earned your business. This week, they released Shoot Many Robots –their first mobile outing– on the Google Play store absolutely free of charge. With it, they did not create any money-walls to climb over. You can download the game today on any Android device, and play the whole game completely free, forever.

There is no catch to that like there is with so many other apps out there. What they hope is that you will enjoy the game enough that you will spend money to help fund the continued development through microtransactions. None of these are pay-to-win, and can all be earned through playing the game itself.

These cash shop items include helmet and weapon upgrades, which change your look and special attacks in the game, and as I stated earlier, can be earned through gameplay as well. No need to throw down money if you don’t want to.


I don’t feel that will be the case with most players, though. If you’re like me, you will purposely buy cash shop items for a game you enjoy in order to reward the dev team for their hard work. And let me say, this run-and-gunner is fantastic.

I didn’t know what to expect going into the meeting with Demiurge, but I was downloading Shoot Many Robots as soon as we were done. In fact, I plan on it getting me through a three hour plane ride this evening. Here’s hoping my battery doesn’t die! The gameplay (constantly moving, three-lane, platformer/shooter hybrid) is simplistic, yet loads of fun. You won’t be disappointed with this download.

Update, as this post was delayed due to scheduling conflicts: Completely hooked on this game, and it is killing my productivity. Thanks OBAMA!


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