PAX East 2013: [iOS/Android] Jungle Rumble Preview

Disco Pixel

Disco Pixel’s debuted their first playable demo of Jungle Rumble at PAX East this year.  The premises is a straight forward rhythm strategy game that involves tapping the screen to the beat and in different patterns to perform various actions.  The game features a minimalist art style that is vibrant and exciting.  You will bounce from leaf to leaf and attempt to avoid the bad red monkeys, smite them with coconuts and take back the bananas.  Their motto for the game is suitably, “An epic quest for freedom, happiness and bananas.” This is the first title Disco Pixel will be releasing, although the staff themselves are seasoned veterans of the industry.  Trevor Stricker, president of Disco Pixel states they are aiming for an October launch date, and that it will not be based on a micro-transaction model.  Keep your eyes on their official site for more information as it becomes available.

I had an opportunity to play their demo and I found it to have a charming simplicity both in the visual and audio aspects.  At this time the game does feel like a standard rhythm game so the real appeal is the vivid and simple artistic direction they have taken.  Essentially the premises of the game at this point is to navigate across the leaves of a tree (to adjacent leaves) to reach bananas.  As the game progresses bad monkeys will come along and contact constitutes a death.  You will have to first bounce to some coconuts, then bounce to an adjacent leaf without the bad monkeys bouncing on to you and then tap out the correct pattern to deliver the coup de grace to the mean monkeys.   Trevor stated that they aim to have six hours of game play when the game is completed.


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