PAX East: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

For years Hollywood has convinced fans of their movies to rebuy films that fans already own by adding a little something extra to the mix. This generation has seen the games industry follow suit with HD remakes. Some HD remakes, like the Sly Cooper Collection, have been fantastically crafted, love letters to their fans. While others, like the Silent Hill HD Collection, have been disappointing to say the least.

Considering their penchant for repackaging their products, publisher Square-Enix has been slow to jump on board the HD remake train. However they are now fully on board and if the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is anything to go on, then they are doing it right.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will feature the playable versions of the original Kingdom Hearts in its Final Mix form and Chain of Memories, as well as cutscenes from 358/2 Days. All have been completely re-mastered from the ground up and look fantastic.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix will see refined controls, including camera control mapped to the right analog stick. When paired with the use of the triangle button for object interaction, Kingdom Hearts should now control as it always should have.

Square-Enix was cagey, at best, when asked for a release date, stating only that it was coming in the fall as a boxed product for $39.99 as a PS3 exclusive. As a fan of Kingdom Hearts, I’m excited to play this definitive version of the classic title. And hopefully new fans will jump on board as well, inching us closer to a true Kingdom Hearts console release.


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