PAX East: Saints Row IV

Following up an incredibly successful title is hard enough as it is without added intangibles. But Volition have had the added stress of having to deal with THQ, their former publisher, falling apart before their eyes and being sold to Deep Silver. One could only wonder if the troubles would have bubbled over to the development of Saints Row 4. They say it hasn’t and by the looks of it they are telling the truth as Saints Row 4 looks exponentially more insane than its predecessor.

Saints Row 4 will see the leader of the Saints as the President of the United States. It will also see aliens, crazy weaponry and super powers. Simply put, if Saints Row: The Third did not convince you that it was no longer just a GTA clone, Saints Row 4 will.


Not much was revealed about the overall story but it seems a race of aliens has come to Earth and abducted the leader of the Saints bringing him to a version of Steelport in an alternate dimension. In this world, players will have access to crazy over-the-top weaponry like the Inflator or the Dub Step Gun. The names of those weapons speak volumes but seeing them in action is so much more satisfying. The Inflator blows up targeted enemies like cartoon balloons until they pop, while the Dub Step Gun seems to have an area affect that forces people to dance to Dub Step until they die. It is smart and funny, and completely fits in line with the direction the series has been progressing. If that was not enough, the game will feature giant mech suits unleash inner-city mayhem as one sees fit.

While the weaponry looks incredibly fun, the game takes a further step to crazy town with the inclusion of super powers. Similar in execution to something like inFAMOUS, players will have super agility and strength, along with icy blasts to take down their foes. There is a base set of powers but as the game progresses, players will be able to customize their powers to their playstyle.


Because players will now be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, as well as fly, Steelport has been designed very vertically this time around. This verticality makes the city about three times as big as what was in Saints Row 3 and should offer players a whole new approach to the game.

While it still has a few months before release, Volition seems to be on the right track. Saints Row 4 looks more wild and crazy than The Third did and fans will be able to get their hands on it this coming August.


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