PAX East: Dead Island: Riptide

When last we saw the four heroes of Dead Island, they were on a helicopter to safety. The happy ending we thought was going to happen was not meant to be though and with Dead Island: Riptide the heroes end up on a new island, once again tasked with helping out the survivors and ultimately surviving themselves.

Players will be able to import their Dead Island save file to Riptide, allowing them to continue leveling their previous character in the new game. However, there is also a brand new character named John Morgan for players to play with. Morgan was inspired by Fist of the North Star and features some crazy fast melee moves on his skill tree.

At first glance Dead Island: Riptide looks and plays pretty similar to its predecessor. Players will still be exploring a multitude of areas, killing zombies with anything they can get their hands on and the game still has a major focus on melee combat. But there are some notable changes to the design that will hopefully make this a more terrifyingly enjoyable experience.


The first, most notable change is that the draw distance has been improved and players will now see shambling corpses from quite a distance, adding to the fear factor. Gameplay has also been tweaked to include new features, the biggest being the inclusion of base fortification similar to Horde mode in Gears of War or Zombies in Call of Duty. This should add a level a strategy to the game that wasn’t present previously, as should the new multiplayer communication tools that allow you to mark things for your teammates to see.

Character customization, via weaponry, has also been enhanced and there are a ton of new weapon combinations to create. Additionally the complaints about degradation of weaponry being way to fast have been addressed.

All in all, Dead Island: Riptide is looking pretty solid, which it should being only a month out from release. Fans of the original should find plenty to enjoy when it comes out, although I’m not sure it will draw new players in, as the formula, even with the new additions, hasn’t been changed very dramatically.


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