PAX 2013: Stinkyfoot Board controller shown at PAX


The days of cramped fingers playing your favorite PC games may be coming to an end.

As the name implies, the home brew Stinkyfoot Board is a controller that you can use with your feet.  You can map up to four functions in each quadrant of the controller. It’ll come bundled with a software application that will allow you to create custom mapping profiles for all of your games, as well as the ability to automatically switch the control scheme on the fly, depending on what game you’re playing.  The controller employs a sleek and sturdy design and is sized just right for anyone to use.  The buttons are backed with adjustable springs and can be tweaked to allow for different pressure settings, the idea being that players can find a setting that they are the most comfortable with.

As of this writing, the Stinkyfoot is scheduled to be funded via Kickstarter, though the funding page isn’t active yet.  The intended sale price is $119.00 USD and it’s scheduled to be made available in June 2013 directly from the company website.  Check them out at

I had an opportunity to play with the controller at PAX East. It did feel a little awkward at first however, it quickly becomes an extension of yourself. If properly configured, it can take you to a new level of immersion in your game play.  They estimate the average learning curve to be about 10 minutes, which seems to be right in line with my experience as well.  With the ability to determine how you will map functions, the sky really is the limit on how you will play.  I got to see the prototype for the controller which was made out of plywood in the inventor’s garage.  I asked him if his background was in electronic engineering and he said, no he just liked to make custom controllers and had made a few different arcade pads in the past. Overall, I was impressed with the design and the concept. There is just enough of a niche for this device currently unfilled that the controller had the potential to take off.


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