Quick Attack: Ni No Kuni

Quick Attacks are Vagary.TV’s way of giving you, the reader, a glimpse at a game we are playing. This could be a game we are reviewing in full or just something we picked up for a few days to kill some time but either way it will highlight thoughts and impressions from the first hour or two of gameplay.

Since Ni No Kuni can last up to sixty or more hours, we here at Vagary have decided to give some time to Ni No Kuni before doing a Quick Attack. Megan has put about twelve hours into the game and here are her first impressions!

  • First off: Mitey, the first Poke…err…familiar that you come in contact with is the cutest little character in nearly any video game. Familiars are monsters you can summon and control during combat.
  • The story starts off heartbreakingly heroic. Within twenty minutes, there’s a slight glimmer of hope to bring back the one you love from the grave but, in order to do so, Oliver the protagonist must travel to a new world and destroy the evil that clutches the hearts of many.
  • Combat is a blast. It makes me think of a Tales game mixed in with any of the Pokemon games. Oliver himself can participate in battle by casting numerous spells that he can learn as gamers progress through the game. Oliver can also utilize his familiars which he can have three of at one time, but you can only control one directly while on the battlefield. As the game carries on, Oliver meets two other characters that also have familiars  These two characters are controllable in battle as well as their three familiars.
  • Ni No Kuni is a game that requires time as you have to read almost every single piece of dialogue. There are cutscenes here and there that are voice acted but, from the 12 hours I have played, only about ten percent of the dialogue has been in cutscenes.
  • The story has grabbed me since the beginning. Oliver obviously has a strong bond with his mother, and he is the most charming thirteen year old ever and will go out of his way to help anyone, which can lead to some trouble.

I have yet to encounter anything in the game that’s worth complaining about as of yet. The game does get hard if Oliver, the other characters, or your familiars aren’t leveled up all the way, so make sure to take the time to level up.


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