n00bketeers Episode 20 Extravaganza!

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Of course, by extravaganza we give away twenty big ones and answer a crap ton of reader mail. Other than that it’s actually pretty standard, Although Britt wasn’t able to join us this particular episode due to some relative giving birth or something, I wasn’t really paying attention. In her stead we do have Matt Jones, aka pocket mobsters, aka Overlord of the Game Scoop Super Fans. He has a deep voice so he must be important. Of course we have “the” Fozzythegamer and yours truly Beezball to round out this weeks episode. So tune in and don’t forget to send us lots of readermail, rate and review us on iTunes, and of course check out the rest of Vagary.tv and what it has to offer.

Wiliam Milby, Brittney Brombacher and Cyrus Fayazi.

For the record, this is a reference to a PAX in joke referencing the awesomeness of David Caruso.

Intro: Beezball

Song 2: Dr. Mario, Burning Up Remix (by DJ Redlight, OCRemix.org)

Song 3: Megaman 2, Bubbleman Electron Remix (by djpretzel, OCRemix.org)

Song 4: Final Fantasy 6, The Sveldt (by djpretzel, OCRemix.org + Matt Jones deep voice)

Outro: Final Fantasy 4, Eminence Grise (by Dragon Avenger and OA, OCRemix.org)


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