n00bketeers Episode 21

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Delicious cheesy n00b soufflé:


What you’ll need

1 – fresh Britt5091

4 teaspoons – cheddar

2 8oz. cans – evaporated Beezball

3 – eggs

2 tablespoons – flour

½ stick – organic farm virginwolf

And a pinch of SSEEEAAANNN!!!!


–          Pre-heat podcast to 350°

–          Virginwolf and flour a large baking dish.

–          Prepare your basic roux. (i.e. melt Virginwolf in a pan, add flour and cook—whisking constantly—until it just begins to turn a light brown color.)

–          Heat beezball (in microwave) until hot, but not boiling.

–          Add a small amount of roux into the beezball and mix, and then add the beezball mixture back into the roux. Surprise! You now have the basic foundation to a simple white-sauce.

–          Reduce heat. Whisk a small amount of this hot sauce mixture into the egg yolks, then add the yolks back into the sauce while simultaneously adding the Britt5091, whisking well.

–          Warning #1: Once you have mixed in the egg yolk and Britt, you must be very careful to keep the overall mixture at a low temperature! Otherwise the egg yolks will temper and your sauce will either have a mottled texture or the consistency of a mysterious plastic petroleum product and too much makeup. Reduce heat to the lowest setting and keep the sauce only warm enough to continue melting cheese or other items.

–          Slowly add cheese and mix until it is melted into the beezball sauce. Surprise! You now have a basic n00b cheese sauce!

–          Warning #2: Before the next step (beating the egg whites) it is worthwhile to note how important it is that you didn’t accidentally get any egg yolk into the whites. SERIOUSLY! A couple drops of the yellow stuff with screw your egg whites badly. If you accidentally get a drop of a broken yolk into the whites, carefully and surgically remove it with a spoon. Consider the egg yolk to be KRYPTONITE at this stage!

–          Now use a mixer at medium or high speed to beat the egg whites with the cream of tartar until they are “stiff but not dry”. (Once they peak, they’re done. If you don’t stop immediately they’ll resemble a meringue.)

–          Add 1/4 of the egg white to the sauce and mix.

–          FOLD the sauce into the egg whites. FOLD does not mean mix! This is important: you just barely mix the two together. It is perfectly okay that you see bits of white. The mixture does not need to be homogenous.

–          Place mixture in baking dish and bake for 60-70 minutes.

–          Serve IMMEDIATELY. When soufflé cools, it begins to collapse. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. ALL crepes start to fall the moment they are pulled out of the podcast. If you serve immediately though, nobody will notice.

Intro – Beezball

Song 1 – Vampire Spanker by Danneman and Silverknekt (Castlevania, OCRemix.org)

Song 2 – End Theme from Z-Out

Song 3 – Vim When a Child is Bored from 8bit Christmas

Outro – BIT Live Arcade by Chris Abbott and Slow Poison (Space Harrier, OCRemix.org)


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