View from the Top Episode 5 – Buuncha

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EQ2 BuunchaIt has been another exciting week for Karen and I at a View from the Top! We’ve been planning, scheming and plotting to bring you the most interesting guests possible. On Episode 5 we deliver to you a hero from EverQuest and EverQuest II, Buuncha! Buuncha has a range of experience from important member to guild leader. He has done almost everything in the MMO sphere and that includes a lot of time spent at the very top. In the past he was a member of my guild when we were raiding Oasis and currently serves as my adviser and main tank. Take a moment and listen to his views on pressing issues. You might just learn a new trick or two. I know I did!

Show notes

  • Current whereabouts. Where exactly have Karen and Adam been? What dubious activities have they been up to? How about Buuncha? What does he do?
  • A moment with Buuncha. Learn the history of this most noble ogre. Find out how he went from rugby jock to nerdy ruby jock who really likes MMORPGs and shooters!
  • Three things any new guild should do. Karen, Adam and Josh (Buuncha) each outline three activities that they think a new guild should do almost immediately. If you plan to start your own organization you can’t miss this!
  • You make the call. What happens when you make a loot decision and the loser does not like it? Find how what our hosts and guest had to say about this situation.
  • A call for questions. Ladies and gentlemen we need questions to solve! Even if you don’t have a problem now and you want to ask a hypothetical please do so! We could use the practice.
  • Guest Topic. Ogres like 2H weapons that they can dual wield!
  • Shout outs! Multiverse Podcast, Josh’s Mom


Thank you to our guest Josh “Buuncha” Somethingoranother! You were great.

As always thank you to Vagary TV for providing both hosting and support for a View from the Top.

We want to send out a shout out to the SOE Community Podcast! We enjoy your show and thank you for providing us with useful information and entertainment! Also, if you haven’t become a fan of EQ2 on Facebook yet you still have a little time!

Have a issue that needs solving with your guild? Why not Ask a Guild Leader? Your question might just appear on Epic Slant or on the A View from the Top Podcast!


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