View from the Top Episode 6 – Stargrace

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EQ2 StargraceKaren and I have been so excited lately to bring you more episodes of a View from the Top we’ve just been rocking them out! On episode 6 we have everyone’s favorite altaholic Stargrace and the show came out beautifully. In one of our most interesting interviews yet we pinned down our Canadian friend and asked her about everything from writing to MMOs to guilds and she really delivered. Won’t you take a moment to listen to what she has to say? I promise it will be worth it!

Show notes

  • What are we up to? Karen, Adam and Stephanie discuss what they’ve been up to in the MMO sphere. Find out what Stephanie isn’t playing!
  • EverQuest II Sentinel’s Fate releases on Tuesday. Are we excited?
  • There is no snow in Canada?!
  • Give an MMO a fair chance. We discuss going past the first 10 levels before making a snap judgment on a game.
  • What games are guild friendly? Who is the most friendly company when it comes to player organizations? Stephanie tells all!
  • What do hardcore and casual guilds share in common? Perhaps they’re not as different as people think!
  • We couldn’t do VftT without talking about EverQuest II. We look at the state of guilds in that title!
  • You make the call! How do you take a casual raid guild to the big time and become a bit more serious?
  • Guest Topic time! General features that every MMO should have!


Thank you to our guest Stephanie “Stargrace” Morrow for being such an excellent conversationalist. You should check out her blog MMOQuests and her work for Beckett Massive Online Gamer!

We would also like to thank Adam for eating for the last 10 minutes of the show and for accidentally plugging Multiverse, his general MMO Podcast.

A big shout out to Syp, one of the finest bloggers around! Check out his work at Bio Break!

As always thank you to Vagary TV for providing both hosting and support for a View from the Top.

Stephanie would like to thank all of her readers and fans! We thank you too and want to send a line out to April Love! We hope you stay warm this winter.

Finally, thank you OT for submitting a question! We had a few come in this week and it made our month. Please submit your questions so we can answer them during the show! If you have a issue that needs solving with your guild why not Ask a Guild Leader? Your question might just appear on Epic Slant or on the A View from the Top Podcast!


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