View from the Top Episode 7 Side A – Psychochild

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PsychochildIn an interview that turned out to be just too big for one episode Karen and I took some time to sit down with Brian “Psychochild” Green. Brian has been a developer and designer for quite some time now but does not think himself as a “granddaddy of MMOs.” As a long time fan of his writing on Psychochild’s Blog I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk about issues such as guilds, communities and MMORPGs in general with Brian. Don’t miss episode 7 Side A and B!

Show Notes

  • What have Karen and Adam been playing lately? The answer won’t surprise you! One of these two hosts even plays during the show! How rude! For something less obvious, find out what Brian has been up to (it isn’t EQ2, despite my attempts)!
  • Sentinel’s Fate gets a thumbs up.
  • The interview with Brian “Psychochild” Green. Karen and Adam put Brian on the hot seat and try to raid him for knowledge. Listen to share in the wonderful loot that they found!
  • Dealing with loot as a guild.
  • Weekend Design Challenge! What guild management feature should be standard in all MMOs that is not standard?
  • Crunch Time! Working or raiding 60+ hours a week? No sweat right? Find out the value (or lack there of) of crunch time for your guild or development shop.
  • You make the call. When you’re fed up, burned out and ready to go, how do you leave your guild when you’re one of the most important people in it? How does the guild handle your loss? Find out here!


I really have to thank Brian for coming on the show and being a wonderful guest. We’ve worked together on a few things in the past and he has always been supportive so, once more, thank you sir for being willing to share your time and expertise.

Thank you Hi Rez for a great business model and SOE for a great EQ2 expansion!

I would also like to thank Karen for being a great sport and wonderful co-host. She does a whole lot to make this show happen and doesn’t get the thanks she deserves. Help me thank her for finding time to do View from the Top with me!

Brian would like to extend his thanks to all the fans of Meridian 59 over the years. He would also like to that Kat for being great!

Karen would like to shout out to her guildies!


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