View From the Top Episode 8 – Kiara

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KiaraIt is tough to follow an episode as great as episode seven but I think Karen and I achieved it! I’m pleased to bring you episode eight, Kiara! In this episode Karen and Christy gang up on me and make me feel tiny (even though I’m totally bigger than them)! I wasn’t allowed to play any games during the show or talk about how awesome gnolls are! Kiara even has a death touch! Watch out! Enjoy this extra large episode that focuses on community, guilds, and EverQuest 2!

Show Notes

  • Who is this Kiara person? Her kitties don’t seem to know! What has everyone been playing and who isn’t 90 yet! Did someone say Facebook games?
  • How does going from a player to a member of a development shop feel? What are some of the things that really made it difficult and how does it change your outlook? Do you smite guilty developers?
  • Are all females gravity challenged? Adam suggests that maybe they are and gets the cold shoulder. Facts be darned, don’t diss the ladies! Ladies send hate mail to Ferrel[at] Also, if you’d like a date…. same email!
  • Healer shop talk! We discuss Templars, Inquisitors, Shamans and other things that make you not die! Don’t nerf Adam’s cleric plate! We wear the same plate as warriors darn it!
  • EverQuest II does amazing work with trade skills but Karen and Adam just don’t participate. They’re the anti-tradeskillers! Mindlessly kill things? Oh yes!
  • How did Christy become Kiara? Would she do it again? Find out here!
  • Dealing with the forum. What are some tips in handling a hostile community?
  • Listening to the EQ2 community. Your voice is heard!
  • Halas will be coming soon and you really don’t want to miss it.
  • Beastlords will be joining the EQ2 class list soon! (Just kidding… or am I?)
  • How do you get into a raiding guild and make yourself stand out?
  • Karen and Adam are failing at Twitter! Follow us… because we want a bigger number! FerrelES and JayeRNH


We would like to throw out a huge amount of thanks to Christy for joining us on the show. We had a lot of fun hanging out and discussing our favorite MMO with her and I enjoyed the abuse. Karen and I are stoked to have her back again sometime soon for a sequel!

Karen would like to shout out to Troy from EQual Perspectives and Emerald Tablet. She’d also like to shout out to Randolph from Grinding to Valhalla.

Christy wanted to shout out to us (hurray!) and the EQ2 community. She really thinks we’re the best community and wants to see us all at Fan Faire. She’s buying drinks too!

Adam also wanted to shout out to RC! Congratulations to Syp and Beau for their new positions with Massively. Finally, a huge shout out to Fippy. Pro Gnoll!

Ladies and gentlemen, please submit some questions! If you don’t, Kiara will nerf you!

(Listen to the very end for a secret!)


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