View From the Top Episode 9 – Todd Harris

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KiaraOn the 17th of March 2010 Karen and I sat down with Todd Harris, the Executive Producer of Hi-Rez studio’s Global Agenda, and chatted with him about his exciting product and how important community was for it. Todd was an exceptional guest and gave us a whole lot to think about. Take some time and listen to his answers about Global Agenda and MMOs!

Show Notes

  • What have we been up to lately? Karen was at GDC, Adam is planning to leave the country and Todd Harris has been playing his own game! Karen did make level 90.
  • Hi-Rez studios is in Georgia? How is that possible? Adam, the Georgia native, must know!
  • Where did Hi-Rez come from? Listen to episode 9 to learn about a “geek dream” come true as founders go from business software geniuses to MMO stars.
  • What is the inspiration for Global Agenda? Why an MMOFPS?
  • Community is important for every MMO and in Global Agenda it seems to be even more important. How does Hi-Rez intend to foster a good player community?
  • What are some other funding options for Global Agenda? We see a lot of shuttered shops. Are these RMTs to come or just future features?
  • For a listener based focused more on MMORPGs, why should they give Global Agenda a try? Here is a hint: You don’t have to pay a subscription to enjoy an awesome core game!
  • Everyone needs a jet pack!
  • No elves? How does that work? Global Agenda isn’t your typical MMO!
  • Missions don’t seem to draw on forever. They’re quick and offer lots of action. Travel time is short and grouping is easy!
  • Dealing with the persistent world and the conquest system. How do you let players finally go to sleep?
  • Alliances are important and continue to grow. How do you stop zerging?
  • New characters are gimp right? They can’t really join the conquest system at the beginning can they? (They can actually!)
  • Smaller agencies will have a place on the global map. Find out how!
  • What did View from the Top hear before everyone else? Get a Global Agenda exclusive here!
  • Talking Point: Official Alliances. How do they affect guilds and guild leaders? What can you do to have a successful alliance?
  • You make the call: Guild Bank security! Please send in your questions guys!


Karen and I would like to thank Hi-Rez studios for their willingness to work with us. They were extremely approachable and kind. Thank you to Michal and Todd Harris for making this possible. We really appreciated the opportunity to do this interview.

Todd would like to thank the development team of Global Agenda for getting the release out on time! He also wanted to shout out specifically to Michal and Dan for putting together the latest “no elves” trailer!

Adam shouts out to the state of Georgia and Chris from “Game by Night.” He also wanted to thank Michal for putting up with him messing up her name!

Karen would like to shout out to Brent and Darren from Virgin Worlds for helping her get to GDC. She also shouts out to a huge list of names and Adam is jealous!

If you haven’t checked out Global Agenda yet take the time to do so! Purchase the box once and play forever!


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