View from the Top Episode 10 – Mike Emeny

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I’m extremely pleased to announce our first mile-stone show, Episode 10! For this special episode of a View from the Top Karen sent her call out across the Atlantic to reach me in Germany and our guest, Mike Emeny, in the UK! It is truly an international episode and one of the finest we’ve done. Mike is a World of Warcraft guild leader, a fellow pod-caster, and an all around interesting guest. Join us and listen to his explanation of how he took his guild from barely casual to quite successful. It is a story that you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes

  • We’ve been busy! Karen is still playing EverQuest II, Mike is playing Hard Rain, and Adam is chasing German women and food!
  • An interview with Mike Emeny. Karen puts him on the hot seat and gets wonderful responses!
  • A guild formed in drama? Can a raid guild remain truly casual?
  • The best moments come from downing the more challenging raid bosses!
  • How do you push your guild over the hump when it comes to lacking DPS?
  • What about regrets? Do you have one?
  • How important is community to Mike?
  • How does Blizzard treat guilds right now?
  • The best guild leaders are the ones that never intended to be!
  • Guilds within a Guild – How do you deal with factions? How do you go from 10 man raids to 25?
  • Guest Topic: QA hating – Mike begs you not to hate on Quality Assurance!
  • You make the call: When do you call a raid? How do you know it is time to retire for the evening?


Thank you to the German chefs who has been filling me with tasty, tasty, food!

Mike would like to thank his co-host and guild officers! He would also like to thank his guild members!

Karen would like to thank Mike for coming on the show with us!


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