Surviving the Sunset Invasion: A Crusader Kings II Tale

Certain historical events have come to light that are still so groundbreaking that they are yet not in textbooks. These historic discoveries have been brought to our attention through recently discovered diaries left by King Fadrique the Just, King of Castile. It’s shocking to realize that the Aztecs did in fact land in Europe during the medieval times. These journals have opened up thousands of questions that we may or may not know the answers to.

In the meantime, I picked out some of the most interesting entries from King Fadrique that pertain to the Aztec invasion, one that history books will eventually call “The Sunset Invasion”. I also took the liberty to translate them to more modern language so you don’t have to read all of the “thy’s” and “ye’s”. Enjoy.

February 13, The Year of Our Lord 1250- The war for Leon rages on. Whispers on the battlefield are that strange merchants from across the ocean have been peddling wares near our kingdom. Rumor has it they had no luck bartering with the locals, and have mentioned a “wrath from a great emperor from another land.” I have yet to lay eyes these people myself. Queen Bourguigne tells me not to be concerned, that they are probably just fairy tales to keep the Kingdom of Castile from pushing closer to the ocean and to frighten misbehaving children. Hogwash. Leon will be ours soon, both the country and the kingdom. We have come too far now to stop our conquest of the nearby lands. Maybe my beloved is right; this is all a ruse from those bastards in Leon, trying to stop the inevitable by weaving these tales of mysterious men and a wrathful leader.

–        King Fadrique the Just

February 26, The Year of Our Lord 1252- I should have listened. A few years ago, rumors whispered that merchants from across the water spoke of a powerful emperor. I ignored them, believing these tales planted by the King of Leon to keep me away from his land. And then, they came. Tens of thousands of men stormed the beaches of Coruna, lands just east of Castile. My army was the largest of my neighbors, and I had no worries of consuming their lands one by one. But these.. Aztecs, as they are called.. have driven fear into my heart.

As I am in bed, ill, I have sent a courier with a small gift of gold to these savages. I hope to gain their allegiance, that they leave our kingdom alone. I’m already pooling my resources to fight a revolt down in Valladolid. Foolish vassal. Does he not see the real danger?

–        King Fadrique the Just

November 1, The Year of Our Lord 1256- The Aztecs have been on a march of terror for four years now, and Pope Boniface VII has finally decided to rally the Christian faith together against the Aztec army. In all of my 70 years, I do not recall a failed crusade, but I have little hope in the Pope’s efforts. So little, in fact, I have not answered his call to arms. I have lived peacefully with the Aztecs holding two countries to my west since they have landed. Instead of sweeping through Castile, they pushed to our east, attacking the French and English territories. This left me a free hand to strike countries to my south.

Castile has also somehow been immune to the effects of a plague the Aztecs brought with them. By the Grace of God, this I have been deeply thankful for. Other countries are speaking of large heaps of dead bodies, but I believe this pestilence predominantly stems from the main Aztec empire, not the small swath of land they have beside us.

–        King Fadrique the Just

June 22, The Year of Our Lord 1264- The Crusade for Aquitaine has ended, and as I feared, the Aztecs have won. I am ever-paranoid that the Aztecs will begin their conquest of Castile. Word has it that they have managed to triumph against another vicious tribe of warriors across the sea. I had a nightmare last night. This other tribe, the Inca, landed to the south of us and ravaged our kingdom simply to gain a foothold to continue their war with the Aztecs. It was the first time I ever recall waking up in a cold sweat.

–        King Fadrique the Just

January 27, The Year of Our Lord 1269- I recently found these journals my grandfather kept. He passed away about three years ago now, and I was his prime nomination for the throne. Unfortunately, he did not secure his succession, and his territory was divided among his three heirs. I only inherited Castile, and during a time of war at that. Mere months before he died, he began further conquest to the south against the English. I did my best to win the war, and was so close to victory. But the war between England and the Aztecs ended, freeing up more soldiers for England to send my way. I sent a request to end the war in white peace. It may sully my name but will keep my kingdom from being pillaged and burned. The old Kingdom of Castile would have held their own, but not the new, fractured lands I have been left with.

The Aztecs are now at war with the French. I do not fear the Aztecs as my grandfather did. They seem content sweeping across Europe to the east, ignoring the free lands of Iberia they left behind decades ago. Had our kingdom of stayed united under one ruler, we would pose a threat to them. At this point, I wonder if even the Holy Roman Empire will be able to keep the Aztec movement stalled. Surely, God would not allow such devilry. But with all that He has permitted from these savages, who knows what His will shall be?

–        Queen Guntrada I


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