Coming to Stores: January 15th Edition

It’s been a fun, quiet year, hasn’t it? I’ve had time to play through some more Crusader Kings II. I’ve had some free time to enjoy Gearbox’s weekend community loot event. I’ve even had time to catch up on The Walking Dead AND watch a few seasons of The League. 2013 has been great, right? Well, your wallet will be thankful, too, because only a small bit of releases are coming. Nothing in the handheld department, either. Save up while you can, because those big games that got pushed out of 2012 are on the horizon..  ~ Don

Please note dates are subject to change, and these do not account for digital releases, which can sometimes be as important as retail releases. DLC is highlighted in blue. Digital releases (excluding PC-only titles) are highlighted in green.



  • Tuesday, January 15 ~ Devil May Cry (PS3 and Xbox 360)
  • Tuesday, January 15 ~ Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt (PS3, PC, & Xbox 360)

PC only:

  • Monday, January 14 ~ Crusader Kings II – The Republic

DmC: Devil May Cry is the only new, big release (outside of DLC) this week. Action-slasher fans will be treated to a new incarnation of Dante, set in a parallel universe to the other games in the series. It’s being developed by Ninja Theory, developers of both Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Heavenly Sword. There’s also been a demo up on both PSN and XBL for weeks now, so I’m sure if you were interested in it, you would have tried it by now, right?

Enough babbling about things I have no interest in! On to the goods! First, Borderlands 2 gets it’s third set of DLC this week in the form of “Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt”. Big Game Hunt is the first post-game DLC released, and sadly doesn’t up the level cap. But there are new bosses, new enemies, a new raid-style boss, and (of course) more loot. You’re also guided by, you guessed it, Sir Hammerlock, whom you may recall from a few story missions and a small handful of side missions.

The second set of DLC is another expansion to 2012’s strategy hit, Crusader Kings II. “The Republic” is not a hypothetical situation like the last DLC, “Sunset Invasion”. Instead, “The Republic” adds a plethora of new components to an already-deep game. You’ll now be able to play as the head of a Patrician family, competing against a few other families all the while managing a trade empire. Oh and if you always aim to have as many kids as possible, being the head of the family you have to pay all of your male brats. I suppose I will no longer be sleeping with the chamber maid when the choice arises…

Are you picking anything up this week? Still trying to make it through your backlog? Let us know in the comments below!


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