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Today Nintendo announced it was refreshing the Wii with a smaller, cheaper, less fully featured version of its old console. Oh and it would be exclusive to Canada. We here at Vagary, like much of the internet, were left scratching our heads at the announcement. Moments after hearing about it on Twitter, our Reviews Editor actually tweeted “WTF is a Mini Wii?” And that is kind of where a bunch of us stood for a bit on the subject.

What does the term Mini Wii bring to mind? What was Nintendo thinking? Why? And so we asked the staff to give their thoughts on the announcement and try to answer some of those questions. And as usual it devolved into Chaos, here are some highlights.


”I thought it was like the PS2 Slim. Once I found out it didn’t play Gamecube games or have internet connectivity, I was scratching my head. A big part of the appeal to me as an adult AND a parent is the collection of classic games you can download. My son loves those old Mario games. Sure there is still a strong library of Wii games, but taking the Virtual Console away makes me look the other way. Which is sad, because I would have bought one based on that sexy design to put in my kids’ room.”

Don Parsons – PR Manager



Billy Milby – Podcast Host


“At first I thought of the Ayn Rand reference to “We, The Many.” Then I thought of Playstaion Minis which, aside from 3 of them, are just overpriced iOS games.”

Kyle Baron – Editor-in-Chief


“Mini Wii = Tiny Penis.

You were all thinking it.“

Tony Odett – Features Editor


“If I were to describe my thoughts in one word it would be: “pure, unadulterated insanity of the highest order, a decision that at every twist and turn defies any semblance of logic or reason.”

Whatever word encapsulates all of that.”

Jason Erickson – Podcast Host


“Is the Wii mini supposed to be ugly? Like, is that a feature?

It’s as if Nintendo suddenly realized how stupid and ugly the thing is – despite already manufacturing 100,000 of them.

“What do we do with all of these!?”

“Shit, I dunno, let’s just dump them in Canada.”

“Will, will that work?”

“What do you know of Canada?”

“Hmm, come to think of it, nothing.”



Frankly, I’m holding out for the Wii Mini XL”

Paul Stachniak – Features Writer


“The only thing I thought was, “why?””

Megan Salisbury – Community Manager


What are your thoughts on the Mini Wii, exclusive to Canada and without internet? 


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