10 Geeky Things to be Thankful for

  • The Wii U – While the Wii U might not be the most impressive piece of gaming hardware ever, or even the most impressive piece of gaming hardware released this year, It has been six years since the last console launch and we were long overdue for something new on our shelves.
  • The Avengers – In hindsight the fear that The Avengers would turn out a jumbled mess seems unfounded, because everyone loves Joss Whedon. However, despite that love for Whedon, many questions surrounded him and his ability to work on such a big budget project. He delivered and the promise laid forth by Marvel in all the preceding Avenger tie-in films was wholly fulfilled.
  • Halo 4 – Any time a new team takes over a beloved franchise there is a boat load of doubt to go with it. Halo 4 was no different as no one was sure if 343 Industries would actually be able to deliver. Not only did they deliver a Halo game that original developer, Bungie would be proud of, but they brought the series forward and reclaimed the crown as best competitive multiplayer shooter.
  • The Walking Dead – Everyone loves to complain that zombies are played out but one look at any of the different iterations of The Walking Dead proves otherwise. The comics continue to be stellar, the television show has taken a great bump up in quality and is once again must watch television and the Telltale Games episodic series of adventure games is one of the best games of the year. Zombie aren’t played out, they are just done wrong by everyone else.
  • Disney buying LucasFilm and everything with it – Say what you will about George Lucas but the man created some of the most imaginative fictional worlds ever and we all still love them and likewise so has Disney. Sure some of Disney’s decisions over the years have been questionable but if anyone knows how to protect a brand and treat it with the respect it deserves it is them. I haven’t been this excited about Star Wars since before Episode I.
  • Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored, X-COM, SSX, and Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning – None of these five games have any business being as good as they are but all will probably appear on more than a few best of 2012 lists. It is a great time to be a gamer.
  • Amazon – Simply put Amazon has made it super easy to spend all my money on games, movies, music, and books. Thank you… also I hate you.
  • Revolution and Arrow – Both shows have reignited my interest in serialized television making me want to make time to watch new episodes.
  • The Vita – The Vita is an oppressively expensive, shiny black paperweight. But it is also doubles as a phenomenal Lumines player and that there is enough reason to love it.
  • Sony and Nintendo – These two companies continue to flounder with inane decisions and awkward releases. As a fan that loves to talk about games, these two companies provided so many conversation starters it is hard to not love them just for that.

What are you thankful for this Holiday season?


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Author: Chris Scott View all posts by
Chris is the Reviews Editor here at Vagary as well as the co-host of The Perfectly Sane Show and the Movie Dudes podcast.He is long time gamer and film fan that also happens to be full of opinions and a desire to share them with others, even if you don't want to hear them.
  • Don Parsons

    Totally thankful for the Vita. Except…I have a hard time making serious time to play the games I have on because of growing collection of PC and PS3 games.

  • Napoleon1066

    I’m thankful for Black Friday deals letting me pick up all the games I wanted but didn’t have for next to nothing.