Release Radar – 20 Games in Q4 2012 You Should Know About


The storm has finally arrived. As writers and, more importantly reviewers, this is the time of year that we get buried in work. Sure, we generally pick games we want to play to review, but we have to rush through them and possibly toss them aside prematurely to get started on the next one. As gamers, we all know what happens. More games come out than we can possibly play in one quarter. So we all have big decisions to make; which games to play now and which ones to play later. Below, we have highlighted 20 (yes 20, not the usual 15) games that we think should  be on your radar and why. 

Be advised, this list is by no means represents every game coming in the next couple of months. There are still a plethora of other games coming, and some you may want more than any of these. Also, dates are always subject to change. Enjoy! ~ Don

Resident Evil 6
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Projected Release: October 2012

The Resident Evil series has been on a rocky path. It seems the last few console games have left some fans a little…upset…with the franchise. Capcom has the opportunity to turn that around with Resident Evil 6, and is trying to do just that by bringing back zombies. We’ll have no more of this “crazy native people chasing us with funky plants (or whatever) coming out of their necks after a headshot” business. Not only is Resident Evil 6 bring back the primary evil from the early games, but Capcom is also delivering three different story arcs that tie together.

– Don Parsons

NBA 2K13
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Games
Projected Release: October 2012

Last year’s NBA 2K12 may have been the best sports game ever made. With excellent presentation, fluid, realistic and entertaining gameplay, and the best suite of game modes ever assembled in one package, NBA 2K12 was everything to everyone one. This year’s title looks to follow up, leaning on two new elements. First, 2K brought in Jay-Z as producer. A basketball fanatic (and NBA team part-owner), Jay-Z bring his own creative swagger and connections to the table. These connections were used to bring in the second element- a portrayal of the entire NBA Dream Team from 1992. The game allows you to assemble that squad of Hall-of-Famers and take on the 2012 Olympic team. Given the care 2K has put into previous similar modes with Jordan in 2K11 and with a variety of all-time teams in 2K12, this is one to put on your radar screen.

– Tony Odett

Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Projected Release: October 2012

Stealth and I games don’t generally go together. I tend to get impatient, rush into the room with guns blazing and miss that one person that sets the alarm off. It’s frustrating to say the least, but Arkane Studios has heard my calls. In Dishonored, you can play the game how ever you wish. If you want to sneak into a room and clear things the methodical way, you can do just that. During your next quest/mission, if you decide you want to just get it over with and blow everything to smithereens, that is an option as well. If complete freedom of action isn’t enough to interest you, how about the compelling steam punk atmosphere? Bethesda generally delivers intriguing games, and Dishonored quickly went from my “no clue about this game” list to my “yes, you have my attention now” list.

– Don Parsons

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Developer: Fixaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Projected Release: October 2012

A lot of gamers will be too young to recall the turn-based strategy game X-com. An elite strike team taking on an alien invasion isn’t exactly a new theme, but the mature, graphic depiction combined with a turn-based tactical combat system will provide an action experience unlike any other game releasing this fall. The development studio (Firaxis of Civilization fame) is extremely experienced in launching this sort of title.  We’re interested to see how this one shakes out, but I can guarantee, there won’t be another experience on the market quite like it.

~ Tony Odett

Dance Central 3
Developer: Harmonix Music Systems
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Projected Release: October 2012

In many respects Harmonix’s Dance Central series has single-handedly justified the existence of the Kinect. If you own a Kinect Dance Central 3 should already be on your radar but if for some reason it slipped your list, know that Harmonix has promised improvements in every facet of the game. Better motion sensing, a more in-depth campaign with a slew of new dance moves, a strong new soundtrack that spans multiple decades, and the ability to import past Dance Central songs into the game look to make this the best Dance Central yet.

– Chris Scott

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