Five PSN Games I Want on the Vita

The scant library for the Playstation Vita is a sad truth. I bought my Vita within a month of when it launched, and played it quite a bit. Some stellar titles kickstarted that handheld’s birth and I enjoyed many of them. As the months went on, the releases simply stopped. Every once in a blue moon we got a new Vita release. Until I recently got Madden, my Vita had gone untouched (and uncharged) for months.

Luckily, the Playstation Network is host to many fantastic gems that would feel right at home on the Vita. Below, I list five games (in no particular order) I would love to see make the jump.  This list includes variety of genres, and trust me, there were a lot more I had to scratch off.

1. Rock Band Blitz

Being a fan of the PSP version of Rock Band, the latest entry in the Rock Band series seems like a natural fit for the Vita. Four total buttons are used, and it’s bite-sized gaming pace would be perfect to play at work during a 15 minute break. Who wouldn’t want to chase high scores while kicking back in bed? After playing one song on the Playstation 3 console, I was miffed that this didn’t also release on the Vita. Michael Jackson: The Experience is a great rhythm game for the portable, but the king of pop could certainly use some rock n’ roll company.

2. Any and all Telltale Games

The Walking Dead has easily been one of the most talked-about games among my friends this summer. I’ve played most of Episode 1 and simply adore what Telltale has done with a franchise I once didn’t care for. But the thing is, every franchise Telltale plays with, I love. I enjoyed what I played of Back to the Future. I really liked what they did with the Jurassic Park franchise.  I am not a huge fan of point and click adventures, but Tell Tale’s spins on the genre prove very entertaining. I would love to see The Walking Dead on that beautiful OLED screen, while I huddled up under my covers in the dark.

3. RISK: Factions

Pure Chess just didn’t scratch my strategy itch. Also, There are times I don’t want to hover over my laptop to get my strategy fix. So if we could just get our hands on RISK: Factions on the Vita, all would be right in my world. I love the classic board game; having the option to take it anywhere would make me happier than happy. The Vita needs a few dependable strategy games, and porting this from the PSN to Vita is a no-brainer.

4. Burnout Crash!

When I reviewed this last fall, I was amazed at how this simply-designed game could be so addicting. Another high score game, it blends that destruction we all know and love from the Burnout series into something easy to learn but hard to master. It made the port to iPad, and now needs to make the jump to the Vita. They could add a few new pieces of content, or just release a Burnout Crash! 2 across all platforms. Either way, I would be happy.

5. Dead Nation

After Borderlands, me and my wife looked for another good co-op game to enjoy together. I made her play one level of Dead Nation with me, and we ended up playing for three more hours after that. Dead Nation is the single-best twin-stick shooter I have played on a console. Others have come since, but failed to meet the bar that was set by this zombie slaughter-fest. I love Super Stardust HD, but there was something more satisfying about sniping a zombie from across the screen than swirling a crazy lasso-styled gun around asteroids.

So there you have it. Five games I want to play on my Vita. I would be happy with a sequel of some sort for any of these games coming to the Vita, but I’ll also gladly take a port. That said, what are five PSN games you would like on the Vita?


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Starting out as a founding member of Gamingcore Podcast, Don ventured on to start Gameciety; which began as a podcast, and ended as a blog. Don now handles's PR work, is part of the reviews staff and has various other little projects he does for the site.
  • I’d love to have Battlefield 1943 on there, but I don’t think that’s possible. I’d settle for Shoot Many Robots, lol

  • Flower

    I would love to see flower on Vita if it has tilt functionality in it.

  • That would look nice actually on the Vita. Flower would look nice on any console to be honest!

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