Coming to Stores: August 21st Edition

Not quite as big as last is in terms of quality, there’s just not as many titles coming. One title in particular pretty much makes every other release this week a moot point, though. Unless of course you don’t own a 3DS. August is half over with and every week brings us closer to chaos. My wallet is not ready yet, so thankfully we have some more time.. ~ Don

Please note dates are subject to change, and these do not account for digital releases, which can sometimes be as important as retail releases. 



  • Tuesday, August 21 ~ Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PS3 & X360)

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the latest High Moon Studios entry in their Transformers line of games. I say that because looking at their past work, they’ve focused entirely on Transformers for the entirety of the current console generation. That said, Fall of Cybertron is their third installment, and after playing the demo, it shows some promise. The multiplayer, in particular, had some fun customization options to work with, and utilizes a class-based unlock system.



  • Sunday, August 19 ~ New Super Mario Bros. 2

There’s no mistaking, this is the moment most 3DS owners have been waiting for. This is also the moment most DS owners have been waiting for because now they finally have that final push to upgrade to a 3DS. New Super Mario Bros 2 looked a little silly, in my opinion, being as I watched a Gold Mario run around on screen at E3. The raccoon tail is back, though, which was all it needed to sell me on the game.


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Starting out as a founding member of Gamingcore Podcast, Don ventured on to start Gameciety; which began as a podcast, and ended as a blog. Don now handles's PR work, is part of the reviews staff and has various other little projects he does for the site.